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4 Reasons Why Chocolate City Is The Best Record Label In Nigeria

Chocolate city is the best Record label in Nigeria! Did I declare that too soon? You'd expect that statement should come somewhere towards the end of this piece after much explanations. But hey, let's call a spade a spade. Most of the entertainment labels you see operating aren't what we expect

6 Big NIGERIAN RECORD LABELS That Fell Off And Became Trash

There has been a lot of great music in the Nigerian music industry. We owe it to the properĀ  functioning of the vibrant Nigerian record labels. However some of these record labels have fallen off the top. We don't hear anything from their artistes anymore. Its a very competitive industry out

How To Start A Record Label In Nigeria From Scratch With No Cash

The Nigerian music industry is growing bigger every year. To start record label Nigeria requires independent research, team management skills, dedicated planning and program implementation. I will break those concepts down as this article goes further. There are more players coming into the Nigerian music industry per time. There are also