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Effect Of Temperament On Hip Hop Music – THE SANGUINE RAPPER

Finally we have come to the sanguine rapper, its the last topic in the effect of temperament on hip hop music series. The sanguine rapper is a master of deception due to his unpredictability. Simply put, they make hip hop interesting with tantrums, fun seeking and unrealistic bragging. READ: The character of

Effect Of Temperament On Hip Hop Music – THE PHLEGMATIC RAPPER

The effect of temperaments on hip hop music series continues. As we all know, there are 4 major temperaments that different individuals possess. This greatly affects decision making and lifestyle. Today I will delve into the character of the phlegmatic rapper. The phlegmatic temperament is known to be the calmest and

Effect Of Temperament On Hip Hop Music – THE MELANCHOLIC RAPPER

Today let's look at the melancholic temperament, which is also known as the genius temperament. It is important to note that hip hop is incomplete without rappers from all four temperaments. The varsity makes it work. This group of rappers are the inventors of the art despite the fact that they

Effect Of Temperament On Hip Hop Music – THE CHOLERIC RAPPER

Our temperaments affect the way we react to stimuli. People have different ways of approaching issues and this is what I intend to review in this article. As we all know, hip hop is an outspoken art form. It's an expressive culture and this makes it all the more interesting