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Real Hip Hop Heads are vocal and opinionated people. We don’t just sit back and have ideas thrown at us, we write and speak. Here is an opportunity for you to have your own column on this blog.

As a premier Hip Hop niche blog in Africa, we are in need of writers who can voice their own opinions about issues relating to rap music and hip hop culture. We cover all topics that can either educate or stir up discussions.

If you want to become a contributor on this blog all you need to do is mail your basic details to with the subject “I want to join Hip Hop Head”. You will get a call and have a phone conversation with OG Adoga.

Becoming a member automatically makes you an administrator. You will be given access to our Facebook page and other social outlets. If you have a personal blog elsewhere, you can also get a good link back to your blog in your author profile.

Post criteria

Length: All posts must be more than or equal to 500 words and broken into paragraphs for easy reading.

Originality: We do not accept copy and paste write-ups. We only post unique articles that have never appeared anywhere else.

Submission: You can request for your WordPress pin and username if you wish to contribute from your own device. This will enable you log in, edit and post as an admin on Hip Hop Head.  If you do not have access to a laptop or a big screen, you can however send your posts in Microsoft word to

Frequency: Writers are expected to submit at least one write-up every week.

Theme: We are a rap music and hiphop culture blog.

The categories you can cover to Join Hip Hop Head

Critic: On this column we criticize or praise artistes and industry players. In Hip Hop culture, critics are generally and ignorantly tagged as “Haters”, but this is not true. Criticism are an important aspect of journalism. If you want to write as a critic, you have to be brutally truthful and honest. Do not worry, we got you covered.

An example is Top 10 worst rappers in Nigeria

Review: On this column we explain new material by writing out the details about it. We do this in order to  get insight about new developments. We review albums, videos and other projects. Review writers should be able to write out balanced opinions about whatever they listen to.

An example is where can Nigerian gospel rappers post songs

Articles: Are you really good at writing and provoking thought? If yes, then the articles column is for you. I recommend this column for new and inexperienced writers. You can think of an important topic and write about it. You have the freedom to choose what topic you’d love to write on, but it must relate to hip hop.

An example is Should I but followers in Nigeria?

List/Poll: Hip Hop Heads love to scroll and see who’s who in the game. So we compile reasonable but controversial lists and polls to rate and settle opinion based arguments. Its a fun way to get people talking.

An example is top Hausa rappers list

Interview: This section is reserved for already rising artists. We introduced it to help acts get more exposure by bringing their profiles to the bulk of our audience. If you know rising artistes who’d love to get a feature or a biography, this section covers them. It’s free.

An example is the Biography of BOC Madaki