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You are welcome to HipHopHead’s consultancy service page. Here you will get instructions about how you can make us your agent. You have reached this page because you’re an upcoming artiste in search of a record deal. Here I will break down a few challenges in the industry. I shall also propose a solution so take your time to read in detail.

Let Us Work For You

The Nigerian music industry is very big. New artistes get into the mix every single day, so what makes you different? You need to understand that you are not the only gifted artiste out there, what really separates you from the multitude of good musicians is visibility. If a record executive does not see or listen to your song, how do you expect him to sign you?

Most of these guys are so busy and really do not have time to organize auditions or pick songs from blogs. They rely on people they already know. They call on close associates and select upcoming artistes that get shown to them. This is why you haven’t gotten that record deal. No one is recommending you because you do not have a manager who knows people, or an agent who consults for you.

It could have been a different case if you had a video on MTV or Sound city; I mean many record label bosses would be able to see you doing your thing when they watch TV. But most up comers do not have the money to record a clean video talk less of putting it up on a popular channel.

Gone are the days where putting your song on Notjustok was enough to get you attention. Now music blogs are literally useless since they offer very little value in terms of industry visibility.

If your track is not banging on radios, you’re probably never going to get heard. The problem with this is that radio promotion in Nigeria is very expensive. You could pay up to N 200, 000 to get air play for just a month on a moderate station. Mega stars like Davido and Wizkid have dominated the airwaves because they can afford to pay the huge amounts the FM’s require.

Its capitalism and its ruining the chances for upcoming artistes who barely even have money to record songs. They system does not favor guys with scarce cash.

This means that even the most talented guys will end up in obscurity without making any impact. It is not fair!

We Can Assist

We will submit your songs to all our record contacts and assist you in the search for a record deal. By hiring us, we become your agent. You do not need to be a millionaire because our fee is quite small. Hiring us means that we become your employees.

We will represent you and make submissions on your behalf. We will move around and get you across to outfits who are interested in your kind of artistry. Your songs will start going to the people that matter. We will take it to the right places and allow the right ears to listen to your voice.

We charge a fee of N 10, 000. You can opt out if you are not satisfied with our service. Your song will be screened and poor quality music will be rejected with a refund. We do not provide consultancy service for unpolished artistes or those with poor audio quality. 


There are over 200 entertainment outfits that can get you signed. Some of them are PR/Distributions labels, and some will only ensure you get shows to appear on. Nevertheless you must use any opportunity your given to its maximum potential.


We help upcoming artistes build their own small record labels online; thus encouraging independent music distribution and thereby disrupting the monopoly of middlemen marketers. If you want to start a new record label and you have just a little cash, do not worry we have got you covered. We will assist you and walk you through the process.

Now you know what to do, we have made the process easy. We have broken it down, its up to you to be smart.

Call us 09050391411 to get started.