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Top 11 Most Powerful Lines From M.I’s Fifth Studio Album, “Yxng DxnzL” – Do You Agree?

When M.I said he knows his place in history, you can't but wonder "What place? What history?" I'll help you. Jude Abaga is a revolutionary figure for Hip-hop in Africa. And he has already aligned with the greats. In 2008, M.I released "Talk About It" which is arguably the most-important piece

African Kings List; Top 7 South African Rappers In 2018

Since 2015, South African hip hop is holding down the whole African the hip-hop community. It has surpassed its counterparts from anglophone countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and others. The fan following on the SA hip-hop scene is very vibrant, with rappers gradually taking the lead in their music industry. Here

Critical Rating; All 7 Olamide Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

Assuming we don't factor in Mode9ine and M.I, Olamide would be the greatest hip hop artiste in Nigeria. The 28 year old is a veteran who has excelled in every ramification. He has rapped, sang and launched the careers of many artists. And more impressively he has been very consistent,

10 Failed Rappers In 2017 Who Desperately Need A Comeback In 2018

From the start of 2017, there was no dull moment in hip hop. Everybody was looking to make a name for himself and stand out as a success. Nigerian music is steady gaining acceptance in many countries across Africa. And apart from the ones who are going international, many rappers

Top 9 Underground Nigerian Rappers Who Are Doper Than All Your Favorite Mainstream Rappers

This is a list of 9 top underground Nigerian rappers who are lyrically superior to most of all your favorite mainstream Nigerian rappers. But let's define who an underground artiste is; "Underground music comprises musical genres beyond mainstream culture. Any song that is not being legally commercialized is considered underground.

Who Is The King Of Arewa Hip Hop? Vote TOP 10 Hausa Rappers 2018

When hip hop meets an intelligent Hausa rapper, what you get is Arewa hip hop. This micro sub genre may not seem like much right now but there is an ever increasing awareness about their efforts. Many hip hop heads believe northern Nigeria is the home of Nigerian hip hop. Its