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HipHopHead is a pan-African music culture magazine that seeks to nurture, educate and inspire a healthy community of urban music followers in Africa. We have been featured on top internet digital content marketing blogs like FitSmallBusiness, SocialNomics, Buzzfeed, Webbiquity and RightMixMarketing.

What we do

We help upcoming artistes build their own small record labels online; thus encouraging independent music distribution and thereby disrupting the monopoly of middlemen marketers. If you want to start a new record label and you have just a little cash, do not worry we have got you covered. We will assist you and walk you through the process.

Whether you’re a blogger, a fan or an artiste, we want you to recognize the importance and impact of urban music culture in the continent.

To accomplish this, we offer the community multiple outlets such as videos, articles, interviews, critiques, podcasts to educate, engage, empower and converse with other like minded people. So join us and be part of our movement.

Each opinion on our platform solely represents the views of its authors. The blog offers critiques, reviews and articles on a variety of topics peculiar to the African audience.

Our focus is on African urban music forms which include rap music and hip hop culture. We began operations on the 6th of March 2017. The target is to become a go-to consultancy service for all things related to the music industry business; while offering valuable career advice to young and upcoming members of the community which includes rappers, singers, fans, producers, hype-men, DJ’s and songwriters.

So feel free to drop a comment and share our content if you feel the need to. Cheers.


Godwin Adoga, Founder.