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I have had enough of sub tweets and interviews where Nigerian rappers rant but nothing concrete is being done to address issues. Finally the crowned prince and the favorite for the Nigerian rap throne entered the studio and set records straight.

And it was nobody other than the overthrown king of warri that got the smoke. Anytime rap heads mention his name a sigh of disappointment is always heard, we all expected him to be more than what he is but he went all amaka on us.

This is not the first time Blaq Bonez and Yung6ix are at loggerheads, in 2013 when the latter proclaimed himself the best rapper, the former which was totally unknown then dropped a track rebutting that claim, it gave him well deserved publicity and we have to say it was a pretty good track but did Yung6ix reply then? No. He probably just tweeted about it and that was it.

It’s funny because with the tough guy image most Nigerian rappers portray, they don’t have liver to beef anybody, everybody is their friend, that’s a lie.

Blaq Bonez has been able to come out boldly and say his mind even though I think the track is not loaded with enough bullets to take out the beast tha is Yung6ix’s career, but it’s a good development.  We have to crawl before we walk, then we run.

Yung6ix should have dropped a diss song when he claimed L.A.M.B stole his lines, instead he would rather tweet about it, crying foul like a defender who injured himself because he was terribly dribbled.

It maybe that he is setting a bait for them, but the Onome I know is not that tactical or much of a strategist, if he was his career won’t be where it is today.

I like what is happening because it might actually bring back the Yung6ix we love and also create conversations for us in this boring Nigerian Hip-hop where everyone fakes love.

We need more people like Blaq Bonez, the bold ones, we need more people like Yung6ix, the casting guys, we need this hip-hop culture to be revived by any reasonable means on a mainstream level. Let’s see as this Re-Up Beef plays out, would Blaq Bonez win again? Would Yung6ix come back hard at him?

I don’t know, I just dey observe.

About the author

Gapsiso is a hardcore rap artiste and an outspoken music industry commentator. He is the founder of BRR and popularized the “I just dey observe” slang. In December 2018, he was inducted into HipHopHead as a contributor.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of HipHopHead.

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