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RBN Finally Drops Long Awaited Mixtape “The Pre Season” – HHH Exclusive

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The preseason mixtape by RBN (Rich by Nature) is now available on HipHopHead today 20th January 2019 for free downloads and for your soul’s nutrition.

The duo of (Super Luey, Ferno Blaze) with the constant features from various artists gives much soul to the project. I can say this is a balanced diet of pure lyrical, spiritual, diverse use of flow and style to your listening pleasure And thought.

This is Rap theology, comprising of 20+ tracks of rap, poetry, worship and truth on display. 2019 has definitely begun with a bang!

The mixtape opens with “run it” by Luey and Blaze, a dope trap track where both emcees talk on how they keep on with the Grace of God which includes a light bridge by Young T.

The next track “you and I” performed by Ferno Blaze incorporates a pop styled Approach with a female voice ad-libbing the  chorus.

This Rich by Nature mixtape has too much sense to select from. But the standout tracks include “pull up” a rap dancehall track featuring Johnny Green made for all those who believe in Love the right way. Another is “Jane/John Doe” a slang used to denote those unidentified people who misused their lives in the name of pleasure.

“Church politics” was performed by only Luey featuring The leach, one of my favorites from the tape talking expressively on the manipulation of church doctrines for personal gains. “God bless Black Africa” a tribute to the great continent of Africa blessed by God

There are many more delicious tracks to speak on. But you need to get the full dose of the tape in order to appreciate true art. Here are links to download each track, enjoy the full measure!

1. Run it (Luey, Blaze, Young Tee)

2. You & I (Ferno Blaze)

3. Ridin’ “to the valley” (Luey)

4. More (Blaze, T-dizzle, Kal Khrist)

5. Make it count (Luey & Kryptic)

6. Reign of the underdog (Ferno Blaze)

7. Shine (Blaze, Luey, Mchivi)

8. The Fall (Luey)

9. Empty spaces (Luey, Blaze, Mchivi)

10. God bless Black Africa (Luey, Blaze, Raymond Luca)

11. The Villian (Luey, Blaze)

12. Westside Story (Luey, Blaze, Johnny Green)

13. Blood & Water (Blaze & Shimzay)

14. Like God (Blaze & T-dizzle)

15. Plunge in (Luey)

16. The Greatest (Luey)

17. Mough kende aver sha (Luey & Blaze)

18. The Heart 2 freestyle (Luey)

19. Jane/John Doe (Luey, Blaze)

20. Pull up (Luey, Blaze, Johnny Green)

21. Way up (Luey, Blaze, Mchivi)

22. Church politics (Luey & The Leach)

23. Hands (Luey)

24. Heavenly game (Ferno Blaze, Vamp)

25. What it is (Blaze & Luey)

26. Rez power spoken words (Luey)

27. Supernatural (Luey)

28. Angels & Demons (Luey & DEO)

29. Once was (Ferno Blaze)

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