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ALBUM REVIEW: Loose Kaynon and A-Q Are Gunning For a Classic On “Crown” – Rating 4/5

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Loose Kaynon’s name strikes bass chords in the head of every hip hop fan. A-Q, on the other hand, is a consistent cat, underground, M.I-spirit, Mode9-bars, Ice Prince-energy with a new school vibe to cap it up.

But apart from the fact that Loose and A.Q got bars, they have nothing else in common. A-Q couldn’t have done “The Crown” alone. Loose Kaynon couldn’t have either. This is the type of album that should carry the tag “For The Culture!”.

Evidently, Loose and A-Q are just trying to push the “reset Nigerian hip-hop” button. “Crown” may not break streaming records, may not win “Best Rap Album” and may not spur many hits. But the culture can’t move forward without this. “Yung DenzL” can’t come before this.


The LP starts off with “Out Of This World”.  you can feel the braggadocio, but then the dark trap beat quickly reminds you this is supposed to be a sober reflection. I think A-Q and Loose didn’t necessarily find a chemistry on this, but Debbie Romeo’s vocal was enough to mash it up.

“Regrets” has a hook that connects you to what’s going down in the track. Focus shifted, energy boosted up, and then “Forgive them, they know not what they doing…”

“Gang Gang” has that new school Trap vibe, Torna puts life with a rather magnetic chorus. Loose Kaynon is very tight on it. You can tell he conceived the idea for the track.

A short skit comes in, before the Grand Slam, “Crown” which featured super-duper duo Show Dem Camp. The beat is loaded with underground samples. And even though it’s not palmwine, Ghost bodied everyone. Don’t ask why M.I listed him as one of his best of all time again. A-Q wasn’t slack, Loose sounded too confident than his bars, and Tec was also fire! “Crown” is possibly the biggest highlight of the album.

What came next were just bunch of equally great songs that made sure this project wasn’t an EP. There was the love-themed “By Your Side” with Yoye. And the boring “No Time” comes before Trap jam, “Off Black” with Blaqbonez.

Chigurl assisted “Hustlers Prayer” is easily a fan favorite. Loose and A-Q displays great chemistry on this number by pouring out their hearts. This could have ended the album.

“God Wants Us To Be Too Lit” is dope, too, Jayy’s hands all over the track. Perfect A-Q track. It didn’t deserve to end this album, tho.

“The Crown” album, isn’t full of all those tracks that can easily penetrate into the airwaves. But this is an evergreen hip-hop material. A-Q and Loose Kaynon may not be your most popular rappers, but working together against all odds, to make this refreshing piece is remarkable. I’m not even trying to be bold, but this is a project you should have.

Rating: 4/5

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