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Could This Be The End Of Ice Prince?

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Could this be the extinction of Ice Prince? He was one of the top Nigerian artistes that rocked Africa. Back in 2013, the rapper had an epic season and moving from one endorsement deal to the other. He visited Zambia at some point, and I recall one of the local stadiums being full.

The old ice Prince did not just once rock Zambia, but Africa an Europe

There was so much vibe in Lusaka. Zambia became so excited and couldn’t wait to experience what the artiste had packaged. Later Zone Fam released the highly anticipated ,”Slo Mo” featuring Ice Prince to show how loaded He was.

But today’s focus is not on the past. Rather it is to point out that we could all be witnessing the extinction of Mr Ice. At the start of the last decade, this Nigerian rapper emerged out of the shadows to become a dominant force on the local music scene and in Africa.

What really went wrong with Ice Prince?

A few days ago, the rapper had his rap print in a song where he was featured by two Zambian musicians and a DJ. The song is of great quality, but the rapper did not deliver to the expectation of his loyal fans.

This is the same man that used to deliver sick rhymes, twist and produce the quickest of reflexes. But now his flow sounds very childish. I my opinion, Zambian rapper Slap Dee performed a lot better than him on “Special Feeling”; jam owned by Vjeezy and Dimpo Williams.

Ice is a legend and still considered to be one of Nigeria’s top rappers. This is why it is so gut wrenching to see him go into obscurity. Could this mean he is now upcoming?. Considering how well his previous releases have been, they have had great impact on radio.

He was once named among the best local English-rap artistes and had a gold-selling album. This increased his following not only on the continent, but around the world. It didn’t take long for him to rise in music history as he had quickly overtaken even those who reigned before him.

His music represented all of us and carried a rare signature

Anyone who has ever gotten close to Nigerian hip hop music, knows the extent of the artistes artistic influence. His songs served a major inspiration for modern local music cultures, well structured lyrics and choruses. At this point he was getting ample recognition from the best rappers in the world including Drake and Jay z.

His tempo and style of dance music, thrilled DJs and music producers in Europe and America. Ice Prince has himself to blame for this powerful downfall. Its looks like there is now no clear identity and future for the rapper. Others like Cassper Nyovest are not struggling, loosing fans and commercial supporters. Everything is on point to a level of #FillUpFNBStadium and concerts.

In my opinion. Ice is not doing enough to grow his social influence. The bar has been raised and things are not the way they were in 2013 and 2014 when his music was at its peak.

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