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Zoro Finally Leaves Rap For Commercial Success On Single “Stainless” Featuring Simi

You may find out that Zoro has been missing from the big picture recently. But if you consider the East as an independent industry that can thrive on its own, then you’ll realise that the rapper, also known as Swagbag, is an A-Lister.

He has a couple of fair hits, and a handful other sleepers (that’s if we’re talking Nationwide, because most of his songs are street bangers in the east).

Zoro is a good rapper and has been doing this for a very long time. He’s made a few moves to gain ground in the Lagos market, including features with Ycee, Lil Kesh and Falz. Zoro has stuck to rapping, but that notion might soon be changing.

With what we have now, it might just mean Zoro is becoming the next Phyno. The next man to come from the East, have a breakthrough, and then leave rap.

On this new single “Stainless” Zoro puts his singing prowess to show, as he renders some Ycee-esque melody. He was sounding like an Igbo version of Ycee, or let’s say a marshup of a singing Phyno and a singing Ycee.

He then brought in Simi to further entice music lovers across the country. The song is all shades of Simi, as you can almost tell she wrote the bulk of Zoro’s hook. The song has that Afro-highlife sound, and the vibe is a cool-off vibe. He also did a little rap, probably to shut up articles like this that will insinuate he was leaving the rap culture. But the song would have been better without trying to force some 8 bars on it.

“Stainless” is the follow-up to the remix of Zoro’s “Mbada” which interestingly featured four upcoming arts; Liosteve, Paragon, Zez and Mecorn. A expect a video to arrive, soon. But to be honest, we didn’t see this coming. Should we say, Z pulled a Mode9 on us?

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