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Hilarious! Underground Rapper, Bemshima To Re-Record His EP, After Listening To Nasty C’s Album

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Nasty C’s album is trending and getting a lot of buzz already. Hip hop heads from all over Africa are already offering reviews on the 18-track LP. And so far, they have been positive at an average of 4/5. That’s a cool one for the 21-year-old South African MC.

Apart from the regular hype, a lot of people are actually having discussions about the music on it. The album is just not regular; from his selection of beats, to the lyrics (particularly his systematic choice of words) to the almost-no-feature policy and then the arrangement of the tracks.

The album’s progression is something solid, you almost can’t get bored midway. Just when that boredom is about to set in, sounds with a tight vibe hits you. This is great artistry for an African hip-hop album.

Also, it’s not a concept album, but the concept of the music on the project is clear. If you listened to “Bad Hair” and some of Nasty’s old projects, it’s not hard to notice that Nasty C is experiencing artistic growth. All that put together is the reason a rapper is deleting all tracks meant for his EP.


Rapper, Bemshima, known for his work with emcees like A-Q and Boogey, had said it on his Facebook profile, yesterday. While it may sound like a joke which, it’s probably isn’t, it’s almost the best review of the album so far.

It better be a joke because a lot of fans have been waiting for the rapper’s EP titled “Resurgence”. But it all makes sense because it means, Nasty C is making other rappers re-write their verses. It’s making them start afresh.

It’s a new week, so “Strings & Blings” is expected to trend more, top more charts, and make many rappers delete their EP’s.

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