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Murpheus Rhymz, Terry Tha Rapman, D.I.A, Pherowshuz and Kevin Words Rep Croc City on “Graffiti”

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There will forever be a debate about where the home of real hip-hop is in Nigeria. Is it Jos, Lagos or Kaduna?. Jos has actually produced some of the best in the game. And the underground game in J-Town is huge.

Lagos, on the other hand, is the hub of entertainment. Thus, most blown rappers are either from Lagos, or came to Lagos before they got into the mainstream. But when the talk narrows down, it gets to Kaduna the croc city, and that’s a big long story.

Kaduna is the capital city of Kaduna State. Being the capital, just like Jos, a lot of things go down there. And, as a matter of fact, we can say hip-hop started there. Due to the direct western influence in the northern part, most rappers in the early days there were dope, deep and driven by a passion for the game.

Such passion doesn’t give room for mediocrity, and that’s how we arrived at SWAT Roots. That might just be the best hip-hop group ever to spit in Nigeria. Although they didn’t achieve a lot together; most of the members of the group went on to become successful on their own. And many of them, still get the respect of hip hop followers till date.


Mode9, Terry Tha Rapman, Overdose, Sixfootplus; Regardless of their ethnicity, the fact remains that they were brooded in Kaduna. And you won’t find them ashamed of carrying the flag of the city anytime.

Murpheus Rhymz, known for hosting the hip hop show “Graffiti” on some Kaduna stations, may still be paying his dues (as his Twitter bio suggests). But he’s successfully landed one of the grand projects of hip-hop ever which is the “Graffiti”.

Once you push play, you will feel the gravity of the jam straight away. Its the resultant effect of putting rappers like Terry Tha Rapman, Pherowshuz, Kevin Words and D.I.A on a track. They actually spit bars on that Phero-produced track. They rep Croc City, and they put it on this record.

If you already have a track you’re calling the best hip-hop track of 2018, you might as well want to start changing your mind!


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