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Terry Tha Rapman Brings Nostalgia On “The Life Of Joe Spazm” – Vector Drops Strong Message Against Police Brutality

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Terry Tha Rapman Brings Back Some Nostalgia On Semi-Documentary Video For “The Life Of Joe Spazm”

Terry Tha Rapman is an OG in the underground. And lovers of real hip-hop in Nigeria respect him a lot. He’s not that type of rapper that will just be dropping songs sporadically. He has to keep it class like M.I, Mode9ine and the likes.

Naturally a new TR, material should trigger every hip hop head. He actually dropped a Mixtape this year and it was something we all anticipated. Terry has always been about the rap game although he’s compromised a few times.

“The Life Of Joe Spazm” embodies the traditional dope hip hop vibe he’s been known for over the years. It was hosted by legendary DJ Jimmy Jatt, who also hosted TRs Mixtape in 2009. His life and antecedents are the basis of the new documentary-themed video.

“The Life Of Joe Spazm” video, is one masterpiece that will surely bring a nostalgic feel to fans of the early Nigerian hip hop era. Terry talks about the early days, how DJ Jimmy hosted his stuff in 2009, and why it’s just normal he does it again in 2018.

The Video was shot by C4 Visuals, and it’s something everyone should see. Before you disrespect Terry Tha Rapman next time, remember he was a member of SWAT Roots. And then watch this “The Life Of Joe Spazm” video!

“Should We Fight Back?” Vector Drops Strong Message Against Police Brutality In New Video

What do you think of first when you hear the name Vector tha Viper? that rapper that can freestyle with anything and still make sense, right? Isn’t that what comes to mind first?

Maybe it’s different for everyone. But Vector no doubt has strength is his freestyle. What makes a good freestyle rapper then? The ability to pick up random things in the immediate environment and form creative bars out of it. Say, relatability, verses that everyone can relate with.

What good is a dope freestyle rapper, if he can’t talk about issues in the society? That’s why from time-to-time, the “Adurah” rapper has never been shy to bare his thoughts on tracks. Think of jams like “Prey”, a cover to Darey’s “Pray For Me”, and last year’s “Gunshots”.

“Don’t show yourself when SARS is around”, he raps one the Trappy jam. He then goes on to talk about the brutality of police, while advising the youth to conduct themselves when SARS are around. The song might not have been so touching, if there wasn’t a Video. The accompanying video introduces dark visuals, showing scenec that depict police harassment of citizens.

Towards the end he, dropped the bomb; “Should we fight back?” A question the government needs to answer, quickly, before things go out of hand.

With “SARS Is Around” Vector has joined a host of rappers who have dropped records campaigning against the deadly Special Anti-Robbery Squad. This shows he’s a man of the people, Vector for President.

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