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Twitter Reacts As Cassper Nyovest Calls Pusha-T A Struggling Rapper

From the start, we weren’t going to post anything about the Drake vs Pusha T beef. But it appears we’ve got no choice. Africa’s best rapper at the moment has been dragged into the issue.

A Quick Backstory

Rapper, Pusha T, who is the President of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music dropped an EP titled (DAYTONA) last weekend. And one of the singles on it titled “Infrared” was later released. The track contained a couple of subliminal shots aimed at rapper, Drake. They were lines referencing an allegation that suggested that Drake didn’t write his own songs.

Drake is in album mode, as his album is scheduled to drop sometimes in June 2018. He fired back, with a diss song called “Duppy”. The song out-rightly talks about how Drake wrote bars for Pusha’s boss, Kanye. And a host other things. We never expected such a bolod move from Drizzy.

Then early 30th May, Pusha T dropped a counter-attack titled “Story Of Adidon” upon one of Jay-Z’s beats. The rest as they say is history.

How did Cassper Nyovest get involved?

Cassper Nyovest dropped his thought to the “Story Of Adidon” on Twitter. And then a user @GlobeRSA asked; “IF YOU WERE DRAKE WOULD YOU REPLY?”

Cassper didn’t hide his feelings at all. He replied;

 “If I was drake I was never gonna in the first place. Drake is in a good place. You can’t let struggling rappers use your to get back into the topics all the time, no matter how talented they are or how hard the song was. You can’t let that shit bother you forever”

And that was the bomb; To Cassper, Pusha T is just another struggling rapper in need of shine.

“Pusha T isn’t a struggling rapper… the rest of what you wrote makes sense” opines a user, @zfree.

@__Ottoh88 says “So you saying Pusha is a struggling rapper, METAPHOR”

@J_RoxDerealest reminds him; “But Cass, Pusha ain’t a struggling rapper, he’s actually far from being one.” Then, he adds a pic of Drake, holding a megaphone and smiling.

@Bas_D__ : “Lmao. Your here begging for vote and calling the President of G.O.O.D Music Struggling. Struggling Rapper”

“Pusha T is not a struggling rapper tho” says @crazygas.

Do you think Pusha T is a struggling rapper?.

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