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Meffizy Shades YBNL Act, Limerick Over “Whack Rappers” Facebook Post

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The drama just became more interesting, as it has left Limerick’s comment box buzzing with other people’s opinions. And, the first to comment about the matter, came from none other than controversial upcoming rapper, Meffizy.

The rapper, who has once been involved in beef with another YBNL act, Davolee, took to his wall, shortly after Limerick’s post yesterday, to say that the “pesin” that he (Limerick) is calling wack can blow before him. While there’s a lot of sense in the post, Limerick might have ignored that post.

Until, a series of posts relating to the matter came up again today. It was Meffizy, again.

In the first post, he said “Limerick Dey Make Me Laugh, Why?” A rather funny question. After which he then made a lengthy post. While majority of the posts were cyphered, the last post was a direct shot at the YBNL rapper.

In the post, he had categorically stated that Limerick should stop what he did to blow. And go do more Lamba’s that will make him relevant, like Lil Kesh. He mentioned that Kesh was more relevant then, than Limerick is now.

Also telling us, why he won’t tag him “proud,” because he (Limerick) still replied his DM after he got signed.

The series of post, must have caught the “Pesin” rapper’s attention. This afternoon, he came on Facebook with a new post, which says; “All I see is wack rappers everywhere man! How do you guys cope being so wack?”. That must be a retaliatory post.

The drama continues…

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