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New YBNL Rapper Limerick Comes For Nigerian Rappers, Calls Them Whack

For a couple of years the Mainstream has lacked quality hip-hop and rap music. And due to fans preference for “pop rap”, even the sections designated for “rap only”, has some poor quality materials.

You hear stuff like “rap is rap, lyrics or flow, all na rap, rapping on one corner beat, na still rap. Even if I rap nonsense, I still rapped”

I mean I’ve heard a rapper say this to defend his commercial music, which is scrupulously also referred to as hip hop. In fact, at some stage, some of these materials don’t qualify as rap, let alone being called hip hop.

Yesterday, YBNL rapper, Limerick posted on Facebook; “Wack rappers on our TV Screens” touching on a rather controversial topic.

But, the people in the Media must chop. Na where man dey work En dey chop. So they opt for other more marketable genres. When they need rap in the mix to balance the Equation, they either go for foreign rappers or dumb and wack ones.

And for a while, we have had poor rap content dominating the airwaves. We can’t deny that we already have a new wave of dope revolutionary rappers in the industry. Maybe that was where Limerick got it wrong.

The YBNL rapper is a good rapper, one of the rappers in the revolution. Cats like Boogey, Lord Vino, Zoro, Blaqbonez, Oladips, Phlow and more are solid hip-hop artistes. And they are on our TV screens too.

I’ve seen Limerick on local TV channels countless times. And as dope as he is, he’s still not the dopest around. I’ve seen Magnito, Classiq, Talk of Eclipse, A-Q, Boogey, and other rappers Limerick will bow to. They’re not whack, are they?

He may be talking of Shaku Shaku. But that’s just a trend and it is bound to leave. Hip hop is a culture that can’t die. The mainstream isn’t properly rid of whack rappers yet. But that only tells us that we have to promote the culture more. The revolution has begun and HipHopHead is at the center. If you can’t see it, then you must be blind.

About the author

Tylz Ceazar Yo is a young rap artiste and an outspoken music industry commentator. He writes in a very controversial manner and is known to “never let the sleeping dogs lie”. In October 2017, he was inducted into HipHopHead as a contributor.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of HipHopHead.

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