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Fan To Limerick : “Because Of Your Pride, You Will Never Blow” – See More Reactions

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The fans have taken it all to another length. They aren’t going to have Limerick spit rubbish on Facebook and go scot-free. Fans went straight at him, and blasted him through commenting.

The post, which reads “Wack Rappers on our TV Screen” has been given many interpretations. Some believe that he thinks he’s the best. Some people think it’s just pride. Others believe it’s the excitement of getting a platform from Olamide, which doesn’t mean he’s better than the others.

One of the angry fans, whose Facebook name is Yahweh Yahnex Hassan said;

“You’re a shitty rapper. Because of your pride you’ll never blow”

True, if you get pride, you no go blow. But Limerick, a shitty rapper? Not really.

Another by the name Itz Zlatan Wf Rilexy blasted in Yoruba;

“Kini wii! Ode oshi mumu” translated to “What’s he saying? Stupid fool”. Nigerians do not know how to correct without insult.

One David Nineportalz asked; “Is this boasting or wah?” maybe, who knows?

Mic Veteran goes hard and writes; “See stupidness, so na you come be the realness, shey?”

BigMode Famodimu replying to Mic Veteran said while subtly dissing HipTV;  “Mic Veteran kilode? Maybe na HipTV Next Rated Videos E dey watch. Cause if it is, I agree a bit”

Itz Bizzy Bhy advices; “Bro don’t think you are the best and never call anyone wack”.

Another OLa Dapo Fundz rants; “You dey Mad nii”

Meanwhile there are some others in support of Limerick. A certain Ivan Kruz Madueke, swears Limerick is right while  Temzeey Calebs says “I tell you”.

An off-pointer named Justice Ndu commented “Boogey” I only pray he doesn’t think Boogey’s whack.

Shagmoney Drix has this to say; “Real hip hop is dead in NAIJA” What’s the punishment for heresy?

And the most meaningful comment on here, by Saszkid Silver, says ; “Dope rappers on our audio playlist.” This means, whether TV’s play whack materials or not, the fans know what is good.

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