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With Caketunes, Producers And Artistes No Longer Need A Record Label Service

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There’s this belief that’s been existing in the music production ecosystem – that when you give out your beat for free, you are actually building trust and increasing your customer base. But it doesn’t work that way here in Nigeria as many of these producers do not have hold to the email contacts of the people they’re tipping their free beats.
These artistes will only continue to succeed with your beats and you get nothing in return as a producer. So the question is, “Why give out free stuff even without leads and gains?”

“For the sake of blowing” like it’s been termed, many African producers seek for a record deal just like the usual artistes, to attain the feat of top African producers like Masterkraft, Pheelz or Yung john.

Not to mention, if an artiste ends up making a hit with any of these top producers’ beats, they have the capability and resource to track and retain every drop of their royalty. But you as a growing producer can’t and that’s bad for business, you know?

For a long time, African producers have been in search for a different technological service that can enable them sell their beats automatically online rather than struggling on WhatsAppp and Facebook groups.

Most smart kinds have also realized the importance of CONTENT ID and tracking of royalties across the globe, where their beats are used but couldn’t do a thing, regarding facts that the unavailability of online money transfer service companies like “PayPal” is a big setback to using foreign services.

Only to name a few – artistes weren’t able to get their tracks distributed to international online stores like; Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon Music etc. If they’d found a service, then it only resulted to heavy fees.


Caketunes is a production music marketplace and technology company that provides music producers and artistes the tools and applications to license beats and publish music anywhere online.

Caketunes handles all the technology behind running your online beat business by letting you set up your own store in 3 minutes.

The company also handles appearances when you distribute a beat or song using their platform. i.e.
Cover arts are automatically designed by their inbuilt artificial intelligence and distributed online across stores and its core software.


This service is for the artistes and movie producers. On the beat page, popularly known as “Beatcore”, users can find and buy quality beats for their next hit song or movie. Beats listed by very creative producers across Nigeria and Africa are priced ranging from N5,000 and above.This offers the beat makers a channel to make money off their creativity and reserve 70% of their sales money while Caketunes keeps with the other 30%.

For example; If a beat is priced at N20,000 and sold to a customer in Canada, Caketunes will immediately remit 70% of the selling amount which is N14,000 to your wallet where you can either proceed to withdraw immediately or save for personal reasons.


With a mobile friendly user interface designed for speed and smart performance on your Android device, you can use Caketunes anytime any day. Where ever you find yourself, you can purchase quality African beats, upload and distribute your song(s) stress free.


Yes, made for you. Made for the growing producer & for the upcoming artiste.
Caketunes is an e-record label that simply accepts every single music fella in the African ecosystem.

OG Adoga
I am a Rap Music Instructor, Hip Hop Culture Custodian, Social Media Expert, all round smooth operator and chief editor at Hip Hop Head. If you want to become a writer with us, simply visit the Join us page. To reach me, get my personal details from the Contact page. If you like this blog and you want to become a regular reader, click here to join our Whatsapp group

2 thoughts on “With Caketunes, Producers And Artistes No Longer Need A Record Label Service

  1. Their service is one of the best beat e-commerce platform in Africa. Buying Maradona was my best decision so far.
    I hope that the founders don’t turn this into scam in the future.

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