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Underground Ace Emcee Gunzz To Become Obagunzz After Name Change

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AceRappers or even singers change their names generally and it is not uncommon in the 21st century. If we start counting, we may only mention a few who have dropped their former monikers, and picked up new ones.

Saucekid became Sinzu, but who else? You’d have to think really hard on it. But one thing we don’t usually know is that, many artistes actually had change of names before they blew up. Thus, many fans don’t know about it. Having said that, it’s not every day, a fairly known rapper comes to Facebook to ask about changing his name.

One of the dopest underground rappers we have in Nigeria, Peter Akor, known as Gunzz, came to Facebook, to ask whether he should keep the name he’s using “Gunzz” or add “Oba” as a prefix, thereby making it “Obagunzz”.

And, his comment section is booming already. He even had to make a comment that he is confused, due to the fact that the house is divided. Some fans want him to keep it as Gunzz, while some like the idea of “Oba”. Some say, it’s more mature with the Oba.

One thing is sure, Even if it was suggested to him, he must have thought it out, before bringing it to the table. And, there’s a huge probability he likes Obagunzz… Let’s see how it goes.

Meanwhile, underground rapper, Boogey, recently weighed in on a Trending national issue, which is the recent Benue killing. In a short Facebook post, the lyricist satirizes the situation on ground. Boogey was recently nominated for Lyricist On The Roll for the 2018 Headies, for his song “Liquor Nights“.

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