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Nigerian Trap Artistes Turn To Drugs For Inspiration; Toby Xeptember Declares for Lean

Lean has always been associated with the hip-hop community. Lil Wayne rapped about it, Three Six Mafia and many other golden age rappers did too. It’s not like a new thing. Said to have originated in Texas, the drink is a mixture of c0deine, promethaz1ne and soda drinks like Sprite. It’s usually called “purple drank”.

An overdose of c0deine has the ability to make someone “high” to a state where he becomes extremely slow and can’t control the body. Abuse of lean, was high in the U.S in the early 2000s, though it rapidly went down.

But then Trap music came and all they sing (or rap) about are drugs, and sometimes gucci’s. And sometimes ganging. Young rappers like Lil Pump, Lil Xan and many more indulge in the act. One thing unites them, they all; Trap, not just hip-hop.

However, we do not tolerate such wanton irresponsibility from Youth in Africa . Our culture and morals strongly kicks against it.

So, when this morning, an upcoming Trap artist, spoke on Facebook, saying;

“if you want to make me happy, just give me Lean”

I was taken aback. Happiness? Lean?

The Bayelsa based Trapper, whose Facebook name is Toby Xeptember raps under the moniker, Xept. Peep into his profile bio, he has “Trap Elf Draco God C0deine Legend” brandished on it. It just goes to show you you how deep he is into the Trap-drug sh*t.

Of course, the Effects of Lean aids the manufacturing of mindless Trap music. For instance, it slows down and slurs the speech of whoever takes it. That’s why you wonder why some Trappers sound so moody and retarded.
Also, it gives the rapper a rough, raspy voice. That’s why Future sounds like he’s weeping, while doing his hooks. It helps them mumble the words.

But, the disadvantages are worse. It can even lead to death and nothing’s worse than that. Lil Peep, who died in January reportedly collapsed as a result of abuse of such drugs. But, for a certain rapper from Bayelsa to be happy, you’ll have to give him lean. So sad!

However, when I asked if it’s the same for every Trapper, he said “Not a must.. It’s a choice”. Then he added “But, it’s Traps Traditional drink”.

Do we still need this Trap thing?

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Tylz Ceazar Yo is a young rap artiste and an outspoken music industry commentator. He writes in a very controversial manner and is known to “never let the sleeping dogs lie”. In October 2017, he was inducted into HipHopHead as a contributor.

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