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The Emergence Of Lucy Q; Short Biography Of The Young Igbo Femcee

Have you heard of the name Lucy Q yet? If you only know her from her cameo on 2017’s Chukwu Agizigo gi, you will be amazed at how well her music career has developed ever since. Lucy Q is a new name that is now known to a lot in the music industry.

You should make it a duty to seek new voices if you truly consider yourself a strong hip hop fan. Especially the voices of those who are not necessarily upcoming, but rather underground. I am talking of the ones who are rapping their way into breakthrough, out of the underground and into the mainstream.

Lucy Q is a female indigenous rapper, songwriter and performing artiste. When I say use the word “Indigenous”, I mean to relate to her ability to rap fluently in her native Igbo language. She is currently signed to Big N Small Entertainment.

Lucy Q Origins

Born as Lucy Queen Eneh, also known as Pefizy, she hails from Eziagu, Eziagu local government area of Enugu State, Nigeria. This self acclaimed queen of Igbo rap has a unique sound. Here is a strong contender for the Igbo rap female chairman position. And fellow femcee Splash better watch out for her place.

This makes it very easy for her to blend her musical styles with any genre of music without switching her sound. She hit nationwide limelight after an outstanding stage performance at the Star Trek tour held in Abuja, Nigeria.

Lucy obtained her education from Holy Rosary College in Uwani town, Enugu State, Nigeria. She went further for higher education and gained a degree in International Relations at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

As a proverb saying that says, “Real talent never lies”. Lucy Q started rapping and miming different songs at a tender age. A lot of us did not know about her, but her presence became undeniable after her feature on Illbliss’ “Chukwu Agizigo gi Remix“.

For most people, it was from that moment that her fame and acceptance began the upward climb. Since then, she has dropped sectional hits like “Akwamozu” and “IGBO”. Watch her latest video on YouTube below.

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