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Who Is Lemzi? Hot New Cat Rocking UK’s Hip-Hop scene + “That’s The Code”

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Who is Lemzi?

Genuine talent is not hard to recognize. All across the globe, we have seen several artistes effectively working the mic and more are set to come. But at this point we are set to witness something different.

Emerging from the UK Hip-Hop scene comprising typically of Grime and Trap; we have a sick rapper and song composer, Lemzi.

He had made his presence felt in 2011 through his mixtape series “LemziFreeBies” which came along with radio appearances and various live shows.

Lemzi, whose real name is Alex Lemom, always visualizes himself as a potent lyricist. He enjoys experimenting with the sounds and styles of different eras. In other words, he goes under the genre; experimental hip hop with soul in it.

Unlike, most artistes he wasn’t born into Hip-hop, in fact he studied and graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in law and criminology. It was during his learning days at the University he found the passion to do Hip-Hop.

Aside from the university, the city offered opportunities for underground musicians. It was through that process he met a number of locals and students who were very innovative and focused.

Musical Influence

This would give rise to a lot of shows happening around him, which he later participated in even though he hadn’t attended any before. Hip Hop influenced him from the age of 9, getting addicted to Eminem, especially the track “Lose Yourself”.

Eminem was a constant figure on throughout the media. This introduction into Hip-Hop music. Also 50cent, Jay-Z, Nas & Ja Rule who were all acclaimed artistes made it easier for the younger.

Later on, research led him to more underground artistes from MF Doom to Ghetts to Queen Latifah. Their passion for the art, Lyricism, Energy, Sincerity and expression inspired him.

Even after University he had numerous job opportunities. However they did not fit into what he wanted, he decided to ditch the 9 to 5 for chasing his music industry dreams

Since 2011, he has been dropping singles, mixtapes and live performances. His most recent work was an EP titled Autumnal Aura, released January 2017. It utilizes jazz samples and instruments with age old hip-hop styles. It’s an amazing EP. Furthermore, he released the live session of the EP on it’s 1 year anniversary (January 2017).

“That’s The Code” an eclectic single released on Friday 9th March 2018, along with the music video. The single moves away from the traditional jazzy, soulful hip-hop production. Here, he embraces a completely new dynamic, not elucidated by many artists before him. Set at a tempo in between boom-bap rap, garage and grime, with a catchy melody and hook, along with the distinct murkiness of the production.

Contact Lemzi and on Twitter @lemziartist


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