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Sarkodie: I’ll Be Hurt If My Daughter Is Disappointed Cos’ I Cant Buy Her A Bugatti

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These aren’t the words of a pastor, but those of our very own Sarkodie. The Ghanaian rapper tweeted these sombre words and they instantly create room for introspection.

Sarkodie isn’t really known to be a motivational talker but he took time out to re-inform us of what we’ve known all along. Which is the benefits of showing appreciation. Be grateful. In his words, “we still ask for miracles cause we take the most important ones for granted”.

In this our superficial culture of “eye service”, embedded in the art of showbiz, it is easy to forget that the celebrities we adore and admire are humans like us. Like us, they experience pain. Like us, they experience sadness. It isn’t always a ride-to-the-ice-cream-parlor-life for them, despite the perceived splendor and flashiness of their lives.

Behind the mask of that plastic smile is a fellow wielding the sames hopes as you. Hoping for better things and fighting failure. Why hate your life? Why blame God for your imperfect life? No one, including celebrities, has a perfect life.

Life, especially in this generation, is turning into a fake circle. Very few things are real. It is so because we have lost ourselves in falseness, we no longer know what is true anymore. Many a person believes in a false reality, a show specially curated for the purpose of deception.

Let’s be real Hip Hop Heads. Rap was founded on realness. Rap was raw, and real. 2pac was and, is this not why we love him? This art of rapping, I’ve found, is better served in realness. Say what you know because only then will you say it correctly. Thank you Sarkodie, we get your message.

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Godwin Godson is a lover of music. A citizen of a country ruled dictatorially by the rapper Jay-Z. 2pac and Lil Wayne serve as ambassadors. Although, recently we have had problems of rebels, aggrieved over rap’s dominance, and led by Bob Marley and Fela. The civil war continues till today.

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