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DEO Drops Street Crunk “How We Do”

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DEO is out with another song and this one is titled “How We Do”. The soft spoken artiste is a member of the Broken Records, an indie label with a couple of talented cats on their roster. He has been around for a while.

In case you are wondering, DEO is the guy on the left. The guy on the right is just Fredd, a businessman with a habit of jumping into peoples songs.

DEO never seizes to impress despite having ventured into genres like Rock, Pop, Fuji, Techno, Afro-beats and perhaps Juju over the years. The Royaltee assisted track is the right bouncy Crunk music for your neighborhood house party. The gentle flow introduces a certain kind of lovable arrogance. You’d think you’re listening to Skales of 2007, only difference is that Diyo’s better.

The bounce in the drums cone with a contagious need to scatter your stride. And you’ll have to explain why you’re not dabbing like a mad person. It puts the happiness all up in your face, and in the next guys face.

After releasing his mix tape in 2014, he has been in and out of the studio. Those who have followed him closely knows he’s got a penchant for outlandish forms of art.

And there is more to his music than what is observable.

“They swear my heads in the cloud so we must be lion like Mufasa”

“But we busy painting moving pictures with our words your busy chasing static”

Lines like these will make you wonder if there is a deeper meaning to his bars; and there is.

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