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Boogey Sets N1, 500 Price For New Album, Blasts Critics On Fcaebook

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Top Nigerian rapper Boogey expressed his frustration at the criticisms for his new “Nouveau Niveau” album. He took to his Facebook page to deliver a lengthy but deep speech on why he set the price tag on the project to N1, 500 on He says;

“Nigerian music (especially hip hop) fans, this is gonna be quite long but it needs to be said and you don’t even have to read it. I repeat, YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ IT.”

“Facebook keeps showing me chatter about the album, spread across the platform (mostly Nigerian). I can’t help but glance through. A lot of it has to do with the album being priced at 1,500 Naira on selar. A lot of comments (some personally insulting and even from people I have interacted with) about how “expensive” it is”

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He continues;

“A lot of talk about how I’m not a big enough artiste to sell for that amount and how someone else sold for 50 and for 100 and 150 and how I don’t have up to 100 fans. I showed them to a Ghanaian friend and she did conversions and was shocked because that 1k5 price is actually below standard for a 15 track LP (it’s on boomplay now for 100 Naira, for you if that’s how much you value it).”

Apparently some believe he isn’t big enough to make that move on his album, but he does not share such beliefs. He explains;

“I used to be upset by things like this but now I understand that it is deep-rooted in mentality and a lot of misinformation. Throw social media in the mix and it’s one big zombie apocalypse. I can’t be mad. I can only inform you better”

“Understand that Olamide and Wizkid can give you their albums for free if they wanted to. That’s not where their income comes from. Not directly from any kind of sales. Least of their worries. I get that it is easy for you to believe numbers and talk of charts that you don’t understand and get carried away”

“It all creates a hive mentality but this is why the music buying and selling culture here is tainted. You don’t know what standard is or should be and so you speak relatively. You still with me? Cool.”

Deep stuff. He’s not done yet.

“For every up-comer, that public mentality can make or break you (even if you think you’re on the 100 Naira side now) in the future. Don’t let the few “blown” artistes fool you. We’re very much behind on everything including music sales, at a time when the rest of Africa and the world is advancing rapidly. Mentality is the problem”

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“If an artiste sells an album “strictly” at 50 Naira to you without having other more standard options, trust me they never really cared about the revenue. It’s either an experiment on a project they thought about dropping for free, an A-list artiste who only wants the chart numbers to be high so they can show you, or an artiste who gets their real money from endorsements, shows and everything else but the music sales”

He also reserved a mention for one Bemshima Loho who is a big fan but a strong opponent of the “high” price tag.

“We have been consistently spoiled by these people and it will affect the future if we don’t draw a line some day. If I’m one of the scape goats for it then so be it. The value you see in art should have nothing to do with how famous the maker is. You gain nothing from his fame. I’m not big-headed like my guy Bemshima Loho strongly and almost personally insists. It’s not about him or me though. It’s about all of us.”

He concludes by saying;

“We must learn to do better and support what we like for what it is truly worth and also educate ourselves more before following what others say or else our entire industry will remain where it is and you will come back to this post many years from now.”

“We apply the same mentality to everything in our country and if nobody ever told you the truth, I just did. What’s behind the curtains is much bigger than you think you know. Educate yourself. Bless.”

Some fans did not agree with Boogey

@Whi N KY:

An average Nigerian can’t afford #1500… Meaning you do music for the rich only. You are getting it wrong”

@Bemshima Loho:

👆 Wait…. Wait… Uncle wait. I’ve never ever heard about you sir. And I believe no one on this post knows you or any of your song and you want to sell an album for 1k? With an attitude like that? Issokay o. Issorai.”

And some agreed with him;

@Spinno Brymes:

I’m also an upcoming artist, but Boogey is one of the dopest rapper I so much respect in Africa. Seriously where you are today is not where you suppose to be. Ahsee you better than Nasty.c and the rest of ’em. I know the music is difficult, but you need to step up bro, forget social media blabs and stay focus. If they ain’t buying your album let ’em go to hell, out of many the few that cherish what you do will always come knocking”

@Ojiegbe Finest:

“we’ve heard u… Personally I go buy that Album @1k5 …I know I want u to be bigger than u are now… U are have all d tools at ur disposal.. U are easily considered top 3 -5 in Naija right now… So plz… Go back to d drawing board…. And do what u have to do to put Ursef at d level we all know u suld be at right now… It’s time!”

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  1. To be honest, the price is quite high that not all true hip-hop fans will quite afford it. Selling an album for 1,500 Naira is something that has not happened before, it unprecedented. But putting his works and efforts into consideration, i think that the album is worth it.

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