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5 Reasons Why People On The Street Listen To Olamides Music

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Badoo is a music industry icon. In this post, we are going to take a critical look at 5 reasons why Olamides music is so widely accepted. As an artiste, he has ushered in a new dawn for rap in Nigeria after taking over from Dagrin. He has a great influence in the lives of many young people. Olamide is one of the few musicians who is currently smiling to the bank in spite of the global economic meltdown.

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1. Olamides music brings something new

Olamide is a versatile artiste. He raps and he sings and this makes him unique because he brings something quite fresh to the table every time. Take a look of the “Dab dance”. It was created by Migos, but it wasn’t popular here in Africa because most of us wont listen to foreign music that don’t play on channels like MTV Base.

The chest bag was popularized by Olamide in his Wo video shoot. The Shakiti bobo dance became popular after Olamide used it in his video. The blonde hair dying trend existed but it wouldn’t be a wave if Olamide hadn’t used it on his Pepper Dem Gang video. The slang “Sneh” originated from Olamide and then “Wo” is the new slang popularized by him.

2. He’s the anchor of Yoruba rap

Before Olamide came on board, there was Dagrin, the undisputed the king of the streets. But ever since the latter passed on, the responsibility fell on Olamide’s shoulders. His “Eni Duro” effectively became a nationwide hit. Since then, Olamide has represented the Yoruba speakers. He might be a local rapper but Olamide is holding it down for the Yoruba’s when it comes to hip hop.

3. King of the Street

As it stands, Olamide is the king of the street. Only few musicians has ever been able to influence the streets like Olamide has. Lil kesh took a shot at the “king of the street” title but he couldn’t cope with the momentum. Today, Olamide drops “Wo” and Boom its already all over the place. Tomorrow he drops “Science student” and everybody is already talking about it.

4. His ability to sing

Olamide started music professionally as a rapper and he wasn’t singing so much. To get a good hook, he had to collaborate with a lot of musicians on his album, Rhapsody. An example is “Omo To Shan” which features Wizkid.

Olamide had to employ the services of songstresses but now, he has evolved. He now does his thing and even gets featured to take the choruses for other artistes. Although he lacks that silky vocal textures you’d expect of a singer, people have accepted his voice and appreciate the music he makes.

5. He has dropped albums relentlessly

Olamide hasn’t gotten rusty when it comes to consistency. Olamide has been persistent; dropping material year after year ever since his professional music career began. The hip-hop community will not be astonished to receive another album in 2018.

No Nigerian rapper has dropped as much albums as Olamide. Many musicians space the release of their albums to recuperate and gather momentum due to the finance it requires to produce and market an album. That hasn’t stopped Badoo from releasing an album from his fans in every year.

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