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Olamide’s “Science Student” Gets Banned; The Implication On Nigerian Hip Hop

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It is no longer news that Olamide’s latest song has been banned. “Science student” hasn’t lasted on the air. It was just beginning to get airplay on radio and features on social media before the ban was placed on it by the NBC.

This is coming after his song “Wo” was labelled as a song promoting the use of tobacco. And now his first entry song for the year 2018 gets banned. What are the implications of this ban for the Nigerian hip hop industry and Olamide’s brand. Ever since he hit the mainstream, he has seemed like the only artiste who is watched closely by the NBC.

However, this is not the first time Badoo Sneh is getting a ban. Over the years, he has failed to get a clean bill of laden for his works. Its either said that he is being thuggish and he promotes such lifestyle. Or that his song is filled with vulgar lyrics and therefore not suitable for public consumption.

NBC Ban on Science student

Song like Wavy Level, Falila Ketan, Shakiti Bobo and Don’t Stop attracted the wrath of the NBC and were banned by for carrying explicit content. As a musician in Nigeria, once your song gets the dreaded ban, it means that such song will not be played on the media hoses including but not limited to radio and television stations. And any media outlet that dares to plays feature such a song faces the regulatory hammer of the NBC. The punishment includes fines or forced close-down and liquidation by the government.

Olamide is seen as a hip hop artiste even when he isn’t making much hip hop music. The ban is throwing the hip-hop culture back into a bad light, this is the implication. Nowadays, while musicians from other genres sing about women and make music for the sake of it, its the rappers who now rapping about what generally affects their societies.

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Olamide is an idol to many up and coming artistes. To them he is a legend, a hero and a hit maker. What impacts does he plan to have in the lives of these ones?. Nigerian hip hop is alive because of the platform set up by the likes of MI Abaga, Eldee, Naeto C. They made the game easy for young cats to cope with the storms of the industry.

These retired legends made the bed for us to lie on. So what is Olamide doing? Will the number of banned songs on his CV increase overtime? Currently, Olamide is a brand ambassador of Hennessy, who are known to promote hip hop with its Hennessy VS Class.

Will the government and other corporate brands that are supposed to sponsor Nigerian hip hop music run away due to such irresponsibility?

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