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The Four Major Problems Of Upcoming Rappers In The Nigerian Industry

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It is unfortunate that most upcoming artistes in Nigeria are isolated and disenfranchised within the industry. Furthermore, the usually nonchalant behavior from bloggers, OAPs and media heads prohibits the expression and practice of hip hop culture. In this article, I will be pointing out some challenges that upcoming rappers have to battle with in Nigeria.

The aim of this piece in not necessarily to criticize but to dwell on a few necessary things that need to be solved if hip hop artistes will begin to “blow” again in Nigeria.

The 4 major problems for upcoming rappers in the industry

1. Getting a branding and publishing sponsorship (Label)

In the late 1990s, record labels would beg to sign artistes in Nigeria. But reverse is the case now, artistes, especially upcoming rappers now find it difficult to get career mentor-ship and support.

2. Getting finance

Many artistes become discouraged when they are unable to assess sufficient funds for a recording session and for basic promotion. This means the best lyricists might never ever record a track and its bad for the culture.

3. Finding a hard copy marketing strategy

This is a major nightmare for artistes practicing the hip hop culture. Majority of CD marketers sway their resources toward trending genres. Obviously, this means that your songs wont get on air since its not on the streets and in the local shows. In this situation, traditional hip hop isn’t trending so they wont pay much attention to a rapper and its all just marketing business. So it is a setback for the culture.

4. Discouragement form peer groups

Many successful artistes have testimonies to share. They are never shy to tell us that they went through a lot of discouragement from peers both at home and abroad. In this part of the world, once you decide to be a rapper, many people will feel like you have suddenly lost focus. Your parent’s dream of seeing their kid become a responsible adult goes down the drain.

This is why you get ridiculed until you finally make it. It is psychological warfare, only the strong make it out alive.

About the author

Stephen Nathaniel Bineh is a Nigerian rapper with a lot of concern for young and upcoming musicians; especially for the ones from the Northern regions. He was inducted into HipHopHead as a contributor in January 2018.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of HipHopHead.

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