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Olamide “Lagos Nawa” Full Album Review and Individual Track Download

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YBNL Boss, Olamide Badoo stamps his authority as a hit maker by successfully dropping his 7th musical album titled Lagos Nawa. If laurels will not be given to him for reaching this milestone, then at least he should be recognized. In dropping a full 7th album, he has achieved something that very few artistes have managed to do.

Olamide dropped 7 albums consecutively for the streets and for his die-hard fans. In other words, Olamide has dropped an album every calendar year. Ever since he got signed to ID Cabasa’s Coded Tunes in 2011, he has continued to supply good music to his fans according to their demand.

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Music lovers and fanatics will concur with me that truly Badoo has evolved and his sound has continued to improve over time. The only milestone he is yet to reach is going international and making the country proud of him; just like Davido and Wizkid.

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Here is a list of Olamide’s released albums so far;

1. Rapsodi (2011)
2. YBNL (2012)
3. Baddest Guy Ever Liveth (2013)

4. Street OT (2014)
5. Eyan Mayweather (2015)
6. The Glory (2016)
7. Lagos Nawa (Wobey Sound) (2017)

Lagos Nawa Album

According to Olamide, Lagos Nawa album was created in 48 hours. This would mean that he produced a 17 track album within 2 days. All tracks on the Album were produced by Young John except for track 7.

1. Fe Nu Shey Street

Olamide pays homage to the street in “Mo Fe Nu Shey Street”. He is obviously talking about his grind by saying that the case for him is 365 days on the road.

Download here

2. Radio Lagos

Radio Lagos is the second track coming off the Lagos Nawa album by Olamide. The track carries a hiphop feeling as it plays. The chorus is quite catchy but Olamide is oviously singing about Radio Lagos.

Download here

3. Yagaga

Hey, Olamide is this an RnB song or an alternative type of music?. Yagaga bears a similarity with his song “Melo Melo”. This song is obviously a love song which he did for his woman.

Download here

Quotable Lyrics: “I’m feeling good, I’m feeling nice when I’m with the love of my life”.

4. The One

The One was produced by the wicked producer, Young john. Badoo is heard rapping in his mother’s tongue, I find it hard to imagine this Olamide making a song without singing in it. It’s a good job on this song as Olamide is acknowledging himself as a force to reckon with in the hip hop world.

Download here

5. Oro Paw Paw

Oro Paw paw by Olamide makes every listener understand how he made his way to the industry heights. He tells us how he was written off and downgraded by naysayers and friends likewise. However he stood on God and right now he is going places be it Paris, Elegushi, Miami. Now he is getting heavenly blessings from God after his grind and hustle finally paid off.

Download here

6. Bend It Over (feat Reminisce X Timaya)

Bend it over is a dance hall song featuring fellow rapper, Reminisce and reggae sensation Timaya. Olamide comes with effizzy on this jam, the song is riddled with censored language, the lyrics are not family or radio friendly. The vulgarity of the verses can get the song banned by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) even before the video is released.

Download here

7. Shine

In shine, he acknowledges himself as the king of the street.The sky is still very big enough for him to fly.

Download here

8. Saysay Marley

Saysay Marley is the typical “kpangolo” music we have been getting and hearing from olamide. It is a love song or rather a song admiring the natural physical endowments of women which he affirms will kill him.

Download here

9. Mo Je Dodo

There is nothing to say about this song. Imagine your favorite rap artiste saying “My groundnut na groundnut” on a track, what then do you expect upcoming artists to do. To me, Mo Je Dodo is a song that lacks artistic inspiration. This song isn’t any different from the songs which we have been hearing from Olamide.

Download here

10. Lagos Nawa

The song carrying the name of the album itself, uncovers the other side of Lagos with it’s Yama-Yama (meaning dirt). And he doesn’t seem interested in what is going on. In general, he crowns it all by saying Nawa for Lagos.

Download here

11. Everyday Is not a Christmas

The title of the song says it all and its self-explanatory. His word for everybody is that 2Everyday is not a Christmas day”.

Download here

12. On a Must Buzz (feat Phyno)

When the hit-maker and the play-maker jumps a track, you have got to expect more from it. Fine fine girls brings Olamide and  Phyno together on a track. The both of them have a chemistry which brings out the flavor in every collaboration.

“Must Buzz, On a buzz buzz, Plenty spice, and enough sauce”.

Download here

13. Shanko Baby

Whats the meaning of shanko baby? maybe you should ask Olamide. It is difficult for me to comprehend why he was shouting on a song. Anyway what do you expect from a Bariga boy? or an an omo wobe boy?. We have nothing to say if not to tell him to keep the vibe coming.

Download here

14. Fine Fine Girls (feat Tiwa Savage)

Fine fine girls is a dance-hall song featuring Mavin records first lady Tiwa Savage. The songs is for the girls. Yeah any girl that can “shake am, whine am, roll am in the club”. Badoo’s taste is the fine fine girls in the building, the Naija girls, African girls and the Jamaican girls. Tiwa savage obviously killed the track with her mega vocals.

Download here

15. Wo

The song which is already tipped to be the song is the year has already gained momentum.The song “Wo” was previously released as a single prior to the album and it made it to the album cut.The song was produced by Young John and the visuals which are already out was shot in Bariga area of Lagos.Wo is a song that connects to the street.So much energy in this song.

Download here

16. Enimimomi

Enimimomi is a song that anybody can dance to. The song is quite new and yet to hit the airwaves. The versatile rapper comes with his ghetto music style and sings in the Yoruba language.

Download here

17. Wo (Spiritual)

This song sounds like a burial song. I don’t know if this is a remix or a refix of the earlier released WO song. The only difference is that this one sounds like a choir song, with Olamide stressing his vocal cord. The lyrics are quite the same and he doesn’t hide it at all. After taking a critical look at this song, I would compare the earlier Wo to a praise song and this this one to a worship version of it.

Download here

Those are the 17 tracks of Lagos Nawa. 16 of them were produced by Young John, only track 7 “Shine” was produced by Olamide himself. All tracks are groovy club-bangers, but sadly they was no place in the album for any traditional hip hop music.




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