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Now That Lagos Nawa Is Done, What Comes Next For Olamide?

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Now that Olamide has continued to play in line with the industry’s fast tempo by dropping an album every year, what comes next for him after this one. Dear Olamide, the need to have an evergreen musical legacy that can stand the test of time and make your fans to remember you does not mean you must drop hurried albums annually.

LAGOS NAWA: Individual tracks download and full review

After all, your predecessors, Lord of Ajasa and Da’grin didn’t have to drop albums every year to win the hearts of core fans. Let me ask you, did legends such as Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Sunny Ade who dominated the music scene drop albums every year to stay relevant? The answer is No.

Lagos Nawa shouldn’t be nominated for the hip hop album of the year. Not to mention making it to the album of the year list and I have my reasons for making such statement. The artiste himself mentioned that the album was created in the studio within 48 hours. I will categorically state that Lagos Nawa album by Olamide is nothing but a wasted effort.

You don’t need to consult the oracle to know which artiste writes his own songs. We know those who can freestyle. We also know the ones that make music out of inspiration and those that commercialize it so as to get their projects lodged into people consciousness.

Lagos Nawa is a rushed album at best

All the tracks sounded the same and even the quality of the artiste is nothing to write home about. What he gave us was a collection of unserious music. Also, the whole album sounds like one big joke.

To round it all up, Olamide needs to meet MI Abaga to teach him on how to fix up his life. With the kind of music Olamide is making at the moment,it’s going to be difficult for him to break out in the international market. He had a chance to make a hit in the international market with his collaboration with American rapper Wale. But that and other collaborations have not gone well for him either.

Olamide is no doubt a role model and mentor to many upcoming musicians. But if he continues to produce this kind of music, I wonder what the next generation of artistes will offer. Will anyone be doing any real music in the future?  Will music continue to heal the hearts or will it just become a scrappy get rich quick ponzi scheme?.

Lagos Nawa is not a hip hop album. It is nothing compared to his debut album “Rhapsody” released under Coded tunes. Olamide thinks he is a great rapper, and that people will vibe and dance no matter the type of music he makes.

Bring Back Our Olamide

Hip hop heads need to start a campaign that will bring back the old Olamide . The one who gave the culture something to hold with songs like Durosoke, Eni Duro and others. This is an Olamide who has ditched hip hop scene to compete musicians like Davido, Wizkid and other mainstream musicians.

Olamide is an icon in the music industry. You have heard his music and you might be his number one fan. But do you think that his performance on the Lagos Nawa album is promoting Nigerian Hip hop. So express yourself and let us know what you think by making use of the comment box. Have a Nice Day.

Zara is a rap artiste, prolific investigative writer and a devoted disciple of the hip hop culture. Due to his versatility and enthusiasm, he was inducted into HipHopHead as a contributor in September 2017. Get in touch with him at Here If you want to reach us or share your own views, visit our contact page

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