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Jesse Jagz’s Odysseus: Full Album Review And Individual Track Download

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Odysseus is a musical album by Jesse Jagz and its the rappers fourth studio Album. The Album is a 10 Track project with featured appearances from Styl Plus, Hot Ice, Burna Boy, Melon, Cynthia Morgan and Ghanaian music group, R2Bees.

The incredible kid from JTown evolved into a bigger artiste; he is blessed with the art of lyricism and skilled with versatility. Odysseus came into the year 2017 pregnant, that is to say, that it came with a lot of hopes and expectations for it to deliver. If there was any album that I anticipated in 2017, it had to be Odysseus by Jesse Galeya Garba Abaga.

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I respect Jesse Jagz and I believe there was a microphone in his mother’s womb, its obvious he came out from a blessed Womb. Jesse Jagz samples different genres of music ranging from traditional hip hop, new age trap Music to reggae. And even more surprisingly, he experiments with an RnB track on the album.

Odysseus album art

Do I need to emphasize much on the production? You know fully well that Jesse Jagz is an established and gifted music producer. He didn’t fail to give us a solid sound production on the album. All tracks were produced by Jesse Jagz himself for Jagz Nation.

Odysseus; Full Album Download And Review

1. Genesis

Jesse is coming through and going hard with a hip hop sound on this one. Genesis is a track which a true hip-hopper should to have on his playlist. Jesse sang in the track, but its important to listen carefully because the song carries a deep message within.

Download genesis

2. Dirty (feat. Hot Ice)

Dirty is a trap infused track which features guest featured appearance from fellow rapper, Hot Ice. The record is clean, obviously talking about the hustle and bustle in the city and making money. I love the bounce from Hot Ice; the metaphors comes from the inside.

Download dirty

3. Best in You

This is the first track listed on the album. Best in you had been previously released in 2017 before it eventually made the cut for the album. It sounds good enough for every Rastafarian. but that may not be the case for a Hip Hop Head. From the lyrics in the song;

“Baby Girl I bring Out the Best In You”

You can decipher that’s its a Love song. Its the longest song on the Album with a duration of 5:01(5 Minutes and 1 Second).

Download best in you

4. Alright (feat. Styl Plus)

Alright is an RnB song coming off the Odysseus album featuring Styl Plus.The sound portrays a love scene, I guess this song is for his woman. Nice vocals coming from Styl Plus, not everyone is a fan of RnB Music, this track might be loved by a particular section of music lovers and to the others, it becomes boring and tiring to listen to.

Download alright

5. Wide and Blue

Oooh, I forget to mention this. I love this track, he is the only rapper who in the song. With no hook, Jargo can be heard single in the Chorus. Each time I hear this song, I get a strong feeling in my nerves to pick up a pen and write bars. He connects by unappealing to his audience while trying to pass a message on this track.

Download wide and blue

6. Fine n Clean (feat. Cynthia Morgan)

Fine n Clean is the sixth song off Odysseus. Cynthia Morgan didn’t disappoint though.The track carries explicit content deeply and heavily infused with the Reggae/Dancehall Music.

“Everything fine n clean / sweeter than the Sugar / you my ice and cream”

Another Reggae song onĀ  the album, the song is tipped to bang the airwaves any moment and its already on major reggae mix-tapes in the Country.

Download fine n clean

7. Awake

The chorus sounds like a love song

“roll it, roll it, roll it to me girl…come roll it to me, come throw it to me”

And then he starts rapping, the central theme of his rap verse is totally different from what he is singing in the chorus

“Climb over the walls of Jerusalem”

His rap verse is class. Never have I heard a wack verse coming from Jesse Jagz.

Download awake

8. Ghetto Youth (feat. R2bees)

Ghetto youth is song targeted for the streets and the ghetto.The versatile music maestro, Jesse Jagz fuses reggae and hip hop like a mixture. The Instrumental of the song is strictly reggae Music, Jesse Jagz raps but his lyrics are pronounced in a Patois. Ghetto youths features Melon of Ghanaian music group, R2Bees. Melon brings in more reggae ginger into the song.

Download ghetto youth

9. Rude Boys Quarters

The tracks starts with a r5eggae skit before the real song begins. The song is one every Rasta-man, Rastafarian or Brother-man or reggae addict would have on his playlist. Too much reggae influence in this song

“Whine pon it, come climb pon it, sit upon it sit upon it”

With this song and a good video, Jesse Jagz will capture the reggae/dance-hall audience in no distant time. There is no iota of hip-hop in this song. Jesse Jagz went reggae all through.

Download rude boy quarters

10. Violation (feat. Burna Boy)

Finally, the last song on the Odysseus album is violation featuring Burna Boy. Violation happens to be one of the standout tracks so far on the album. With Afro sensation, Burna Boy in firm control of the chorus, and two sick rap verses coming from the vocal chords of Jesse Jagz, the song is good to go. I heard Violation on Radio before I actually listened to the whole album.

Download violation

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