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Why Are We Not Paying Attention to the Guys From Hennessy VS Class?

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Hip hop is dying in Nigeria, but we don’t want it to, at least some of us. We don’t want Afro-pop singers to to start winning “best hip hop act in Africa”. Nah, we have hope in the culture, and that’s why M.I’s “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life” exists in the first place. Hell, that’s why this blog exists. And that’s why the hell I’m writing this. Needless to say, by the time you read this I might not be 16 anymore.

But, unless we hold on to what’s going to keep hip hop alive and place them as top priority, nothing’s going to change. It might only get worse. For instance, for bloggers, it’s quite important M.I’s new single gets hyped to the (in Falz’s voice) fullest mazmum.

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It is also important that a blogazine like HipHopHead gets endorsed by the community. And the crux of it all is the VS Class. I mean the Hennessy Cyphers! Why are we not paying attention to it? We just watch, and f*ck off? Why? Wait did we even watch?

VS Class Guys Need Hype

Few days ago, I spoke to OG Adoga on the phone. And then he told me, he wants us to cover the guys from the class. He’s so keen about the VS Class. I swear, prior to the call, I was just thinking about it. I had searched everywhere but didn’t find any tangible article about a new guy from the VS Class.

Not even one. I probably didn’t search well huh? However I don’t think a regular fan’s going to search for as long as I did and that’s if they even search at all. It’s quite disheartening. Except from TooXclusive who actually reviewed the 2017 Cypher (I think they’re paid to hype the Hennessy Artistry tho), no other blog seems to actually follow the show.

VS Class art

We here, fell short too. It’s the worst case scenario, I tell you fam. This really got me thinking whether Nigerians really heard of this at all. Among all my friends, I’m the only one who talks about it. Others hear but they don’t go after it, some don’t even hear at all.

Last time I checked I think the Episode with the highest views was The Gidi Gang, led by Falz. And I was 150K+ views on YouTube. Many others fell just below expectations. I’m not sure, but, Hennessy should be going “a 100 mile” to promote the event. And they’re probably be using YouTube Ads on some, and ignoring some.

We can never tell, you know. But, why’s all this happening? We’re not blaming this on the evolution, again, are we? Even Falz, Dremo and couple of ill new guys on a video can’t spark an unending conversation, and Social Media trends? So, how do the new guys get the deserved attention?

I wasn’t going do this article until a couple of days ago when I googled “Vemor”. He was on top of the VS Class of 2014, and he shows up every year. He was here this year, with Eclipse, Blaqbonez, Holyfield and Mr Makn, who together make up the Frat Boyz.

When I searched, you know what I saw? It’s equivalent to nothing. I saw a couple of half cooked articles, like two of them; about his victory at the Class…in 2014! I saw a post about his song, “Perfect Imperfection” and another “Ain’t Nobody Ball Like Me.” I didn’t find anything about his mind blowing freestyle on The Cypher 2017. None, it made me boil.

That should be the same reason I didn’t know Holyfield till mid 2017. I didn’t follow the class, last year, quite alright. But, after the class, those guys are supposed to own the headlines. No. It’s horrific, they don’t.

I know Dremo, why? Davido, a pop star signed him. I know Poe, why? Mavins signed him. But, I don’t know Vemor because he only rapped at the VS Class. It made me pick my pen and just write anything I could about this subject. I wrote this, in one sitting, without consulting any thing. I was too sad to do any more researches, I’ve had enough!

Who should we blame? Hennessy? Most likely not. Fans? Well, I don’t think so. I blame the Media. TV, Radio, Blogs, Magazine, OAP’s, Journalists, everyone, including me. We’re not giving enough attention to all these culture moving platforms.

All we do is ask for money to promote poor upcoming artist. But, we post Falz’s new album (illegally), just for traffic. We develop cold feet when we are asked to promote the culture. Later, we say hip hop’s dead.

It’s not her fault. And, it’s not the fault of these artists too. I don’t blame Vemor if he becomes Ycee, tomorrow. Or can someone tell me why nobody’s talking about Rap Kulture? Do they even know what that is? The media is f*cked, and, these guys from the VS Class ain’t getting the hype they deserve for the amount of work they put in. Ironically, they are the ones with actual skill.

I’m calling on the media, we need to wake up, and fix up our life!

About the author

Tylz Ceazar Yo is a young rap artiste and an outspoken music industry commentator. He writes in a very controversial manner and is known to “never let the sleeping dogs lie”. In October 2017, he was inducted into HipHopHead as a contributor.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of HipHopHead.


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  1. you know….i used to think VS would be the nigerian version of XXL Freshman, its sad even the latter is getting washed up these days…
    theres a war on hiphop everywhere from its birth place down to nigerian scene. i watched couple of them cyphers too i loved jagz verse, vectors verse wasnt as hot as i expected blqbones and boggie r straight up fire!

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