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You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives – Official Review + (Music Video)

Chocolate City boss and Nigerian rapper, M.I Abaga releases the visuals to one of the most controversial Music tracks to ever come out of the Nigerian Music Industry.The Song titled “you rappers should fix up your lives” came as a shocker to hip hop heads, rap artistes, critics and music fans across Nigeria after a long period of inactivity from the JTown Emcee.

However, it didn’t arrive as a shock to us at HipHopHead. We always knew beforehand that M.I Abaga would reply to the article we penned for him after his little shout with Osagie Alonge of Pulse.

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The music video was shot by top video director of Capital Dream pictures popularly known as Clarence Peters.The Intro pictures M.I Abaga being carried as a corpse like an Egyptian Mummy with pillars filled with balls of fire at it’s apex.Then we see our own M.I Abaga rising up like a dead man resurrected; wearing a white Kaftan and a spectacle on his face.


“You rappers should fix up your life (fix up your life)
You rappers should fix up your life (fix up your life)
Y’all getting killed by the south (the south)
I guess am in this shit for life (for life)
I’m still the one that you look too (look too)
You need me to figure shit out
You rappers should fix up your life”

This, however, looks like a wake up call to Nigerian rappers who ply their trade within these borders. Rap artistry really needs to wake up and challenge the pop environment around them so as to stop the decline of Hip Hop Music In Nigeria. M.I Sees himself as a Messiah who laid the platform for young artists to venture into Hip Hop Music In Nigeria.

In a round table meeting in the video, M.I Abaga clearly said;

“None of you rappers is real enough
Once you blow up now you switching up
That’s this fans are not feeling Y’all
SA (South Africa) Rappers out here killing Y’all”

Although it was a sincere cry to the current crop of rappers to fix up their lives and the state of the Hip Hop culture in Nigeria. M.I Abaga has received shades and has gotten replies and disses from some notable underground rappers.

Notable mentions on the buzzing reply list since the release of M.I Abaga’s song include Holyfield, Blaqbonez, N6, Payper Corleone. Holyfield took a direct shot at M.I Abaga by saying that M.I Abaga had the weakest verse in Phyno’s song “link Up” featuring Burna Boy. Payper’s song titled “Top 5 Dead Or Alive” is gaining views and raising our hopes.

On the other hand Blaqbonez had a Mad delivery on his reply to M.I Abaga. Blaqbonez acknowledged M.I by stating he is a fan of M.I Abaga. He went further to brag that he is better than South African trap music sensation, Nasty C. We want to find out how true his statements are!

In Blaqbonez reply to M.I Abaga, He said;

Did it with no racks/
Broke boy, till i learnt the business o’ the cash/
No joy, I made all the effort in the past/
Nasty C aint got nothing on me, jesfacts/

Over 6 mix tapes, facts!
Over 4 cyphers, facts!
Vs Class captain, facts!
Bruh i been rapping, facts!
Did my own concerts, facts!
Never let the game down, facts!
Never stopped when I wasn’t played now facts!
Nat even when the bloggers wouldn’t post my tracks!
When the show promoters never hold no cash facts facts facts!

More tracks out than even blown n*ggas/
And I did it myself and I don’t owe n*ggas/
I had a hunch that I’d be the freaking greatest, so its no surprise that I put the game on ma back n*gga/
Facts n*gga, that nobody ever rapped sicker/
I really been one o’ the hardest outta Africa/
Bruh I aint with the acting or the politicking, nigga I aint Schwarzenegger”

Straying away from the lyricism, “you rappers should fix up your lives” has produced one of the cleanest visuals in 2017 and we are glad its coming from M.I Abaga. HipHopHead gives the video a 5-Star rating. We respect M.I Abaga’s for the heavy emotion he has infused in this piece of work.

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