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Bring Back Our Legend; We Desperately Need Eldee Back

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The hip hop music scene has never been the same ever since Eldee the Don left the shores of this country for greener pastures. Lanre Dabiri popularly known by his stage name, is a Nigerian-American rapper, music producer and a Singer who studied Architecture at the prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG).

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Eldee kicked off his career in the late 90’s as the original member of the Trybesmen. Later On, he became the Chief Executive Officer of Trybe Records. Eldee pioneered Hip Hop along with major Industry high profile rappers like Freeestyle and Kaboom.

A distinctive feature which he possess is his versatility (his ability to rap and sing and that made him churn out various hit songs which became hit songs nationwide. Eldee’s best songs include“I’m leaving”, “I go yarn”, “Champion”, “African Chiquito”, “big boy”, “Ota mi”, “One day”, “Bosi Gbangba”, “Higher”, “”We Made It”,” Wash Wash”, “African Chiquito”, “Today Today”, “BigBoy”, “I’m Leaving”, “I Go Yarn” etc which aired on radio stations all over the world. In spite of him being one of the best rappers to ever make in Nigeria, he retired and quit Music.

Even in his retirement, he still supports hip hop acts but he hasn’t dropped a song for his fans. Sometime Ago, Olamide Baddo made a tweet on twitter, acknowledging Eldee by calling him a legend and asking for a collaboration with the veteran.

Eldee gave him hope with an epic reply. This implies that a rapper like Olamide could force the elder rapper out of retirement.

He was one rapper who could make non hip hop listeners tune in and vibe to the tune. In my candid opinion, hip Hop in Nigeria hasn’t really been the same since Eldee the Don left. Eldee promoted the Hip Hop Culture with all that he had. But at this point, We see a lot of rappers leaving Hip Hop for pop; and never coming back.

However, the veteran is based in Georgia, which is in the United States of America. Family life has perhaps made Eldee Lanre dabiri focus less on his artistry and the Nigerian music scene in General.


Any culture thrives when you promote it, and it is no different with hop hop. That promotion is what is lacking in the Nigerian music industry.The American & South African’s aren’t better than us. We must promote the culture and support the worthy future representatives of rap. Lets get behind the rappers and hip hop artistes in this community.

Please retweet and share this post until the legend sees this. And if you get to see this, know that we need to have you back.




Zara is a rap artiste, prolific investigative writer and a devoted disciple of the hip hop culture. Due to his versatility and enthusiasm, he was inducted into HipHopHead as a contributor in September 2017. Get in touch with him at Here If you want to reach us or share your own views, visit our contact page

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