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Spotlight On Rising Star Elektrik; The Biography

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Adewuyi Olalekan Labulo also known as Elektrik was born in Lagos on 1st of October 1994. On Nigeria’s 34th Birthday. He is the first of two children with a younger sister. He spent his childhood in the loving presence of his maternal Grandmother. No matter what he was up to, she always believed in him. He was barely 13 when his mother died.
He discovered music when he was in Secondary school and he instantly fell in love with hip hop. Throughout his secondary years, he was fascinated by poetry and Art and he was committed to expanding his knowledge of sounds but he always thought of himself more as a consumer than an Originator. It just felt Natural. No stress, No pressure, just play the song,and be lost in it. Forget.

Artistic Influence

He was always mesmerized by the finesse of hip hop, the sophistication of poetry fused with the urbanity of the culture. The brute consciousness; from the strength of bars to the graduation of flow, cadence, energy, delivery, the art of oration, the beats, the freedom, the history, the diversity of the genre were all simply awe inspiring to him.
To him, rappers were like real-life Super heroes (of course the dopes). He was fascinated by the way Tupac could rap about Brenda’s baby one time, pay tribute to his mother on another song while living it up in Cali and still go Gangsta else where. He also likes the the dual presence of both Eminem and Slim Shady on tracks. Electrik thinks Stan killing himself is really so cool.
He is also a fan of the cultures gimmick; Weezy with his women, Gucci with his money. Olden is Golden, Rave with tha nu wave Scrr Scrr! Although he is a big Fan of good music, another genre he loves especially is Reggae and its offspring.

Elektrik Style

His acute knowledge and fierce passion for music once made a friend remark “Guy, all your head na so so numbers and  lyrics full am, why u no dey sing?“. And there it Started. He started writing songs and experimenting by making beats. It was then he started analyzing songs not only as a consumer but also as a scholar; an artiste.
Elektrik has been described as an outspoken,cool,witty person who is strongly passionate about his beliefs and is deeply emotional almost moody at times,a talkative when it comes to intellectual conversations,and something of a wild-card,even Elektrik doesnt know what Elektrik might do next.
He raps and sings in both English and Nigerian Lingo and his musical ingredients consists of Trap,Traditional rap,Patua/Reggae,gansta rap, and Dancehall. He’s also a Songwriter and budding producer.
In 2017 he Released his first single titled  “Stay Up”. Sadly his father died the same year. Someone once heard the song and commented he was “Transported”. He recently featured on a song “Ori” with Afro pop act Olly jay.
He his currently unsigned and seeking the right platform to explore and showcase his musical talents. Elektrik is very much open to promotion and honest criticism alike. Although he’s relatively new on the Music scene, he’s got a great deal of potential. He’s definitely someone to look out for in the coming months.
Brace yourselves, winter is coming.
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