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Megastars Watchout! SD Is The Rising Musician That Will Steal All Your Fans

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I had the opportunity to come cross this brilliant youngster by the name SD. He hit me up on whatsapp and we got chatting; soon afterwards I listened to his tracks and I was blown away. Its just right for me to throw him up on HipHopHead spotlight. His stage name is the initials of his full name, Samuel Donald.

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He was born on the 29th of November, 1990, into the family of Late W.O and Mrs Oboma Donald. Oboma Samuel Donald is native of Isoko, Isoko south local government, Delta state. He practices Afro pop and R&B; and also triples as a song writer, singer and producer.

Here is what we found out about this rising star;


How did you venture into music

Yes, my family is a musical one. We all love music and everyone is a good singer. I got passionate about the piano at a tender age. And at 9, I could already play. Listening to a whole lot of piece, I had always known that I could do something cool too, that would measure up to standard, so I started making my own songs at 15.

So music lived and grew in me. I never really showcased except in church and a few other places where music is necessary. But after dad passed on, education became more challenging. In 2009, a friend invited me to Lagos to assist in his album project, so I can play the keyboard for him. There, I met Clutches’ a sound engineer and producer and I was opportuned to learn production. So, I began my quest for stardom, formally.

Tell us about your childhood and family background

I was born in Calabar but grew up in Sapele,  Delta State. I grew up in the naval barracks. Dad was in the Navy, so, I grew up in a military environment. I was raised in deeper life Bible church. As a child, I was very brilliant in academics, I always topped my class.. Was head boy in primary school and senior perfect in secondary. So, I became popular in the area. However, I found my self in Lagos after the passing of my Dad.

How difficult has it been for SD to combine school and art

Being a computer engineering student, I have to be dedicated to school work. Its not quite easy but I try to create time for music. Education is paramount in the country today. It’s not wise for an upcoming to rely on just music to make ends meet.

Go to school if you have the opportunity or else get something doing, so you don’t end up frustrated. I know and understand this very well, so, even though it’s not easy, I have no choice. I have to combine and manage both until music starts paying big time.

What been your greatest challenges and triumphs as an artiste

Greatest challenge so far is being able to showcase my stuff on a solid platform without a sponsor or help from anywhere, am doing it on my own for now. But it’s getting easier by God’s grace after much work.

My success is being able to develop artistically over the years and having major recognition as a result of the good music I make. At least every one who has heard my music became a fan immediately. Some even say I will outshine Wizkid and Davido and many more in the market, lots of stars will crawl behind me. Having fans believe so much in me is a great success.

Which artiste would you love to work with

I love Davido, he’s the one I’d like to work with first. His voice is unique and he’s got some kinda flavor and humor Which I admire. I also have some flair for international artists too, there are songs I have that needs them.

Tell us about your upcoming projects

I’m dropping a single in October. It’s titled “issorite” produced by yours truly. Trust me it’s hot, and it is definitely gonna trend. It will drop on major sites in Nigeria and beyond. Watch out for Issorite by SD. Thank you.

Who are your role models and why?

It’s always been Tuface. Because he’s got content. Every song should carry a message well presented and coordinated. I respect Tu baba for that and I try to keep my lyrics on point because of him. He has inspired me so much. My elder sister calls me “little tuface”.

Where do you see yourself in two years?

Yeah, in two years from now I see me as one of the greatest export of the country. And that’s it by God’s grace.

There you have it, it him up on Facebook. Follow him to know more about his fourth coming singles.

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