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3 Reasons Why “Wo” Is The Perfect Nigerian Workout Song For Your Gym

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Olamide’s “Wo” is an excellent example of a Nigerian workout song and I’ll explain why in this short piece.

When “Panda” by designer came out, we all jumped on it and made it our workout track. Now we have something made in Nigeria, by a Nigerian. So if your looking for a song you can use for your gym class, or you need a track to plug in when you go jugging with your roadwork pals, then look no further.

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3 reasons why “Wo” is a perfect Nigerian workout song

NOTE: most of it It only applies to non Yoruba speakers!1. You don’t understand the lyrics (for non-Yoruba speakers)

As usual, Olamide is rapping in Yoruba on this jam. And here he isn’t even trying to make you understand. You also aren’t even trying to understand what he’s saying.

It makes it a great song for your workout because it takes you into a plane of mumbling. You’re saying words that mean nothing to you.

This has an effect on the mind. Your brain is excused from thinking and over analyzing your steps. You are preoccupied by the tongues you’re speaking. So there is more room for you to be ignorant; which makes you do the most crazy workout routines without even asking why you’re doing it.

2. Its a simple call and response

Call and response songs can help you burn fat and keep your cholesterol level at a minimum…Na lie o.

But honestly, call and response songs suck you in. All you need to do is repeat the words and get carried by the music. This doesn’t energize you or keep your body vitalized in any way.

But it tricks your mind into losing track of time. Your body thinks what your mind thinks and if your mind can’t record the minutes, your body also won’t know how long it has been working out.

This means you’ll do more exercises. You’re getting closer to your goal without the restraint of counting how many rounds you’ve gone or knowing how long you’ve spent. “Wo” is a Nigerian workout song that can have this effect on you.

3. The song is STREET

Whenever you listen to this track, it makes you want to do something razz. Eg, dancing in a banking hall, lifting a dumbbell or jugging in your pyjamas. The track is not about love, romance or any of that soft work stuff. Its about the hard lifting that exercise is all about.

The video for the banger was shot in the ghetto of Bariga. It was made for the area boys, agberos, bus conductors, danfo and molue drivers. These set of people are usually ripped and strong. So if you want to burn some of that fat or build those biceps, there is no better track than “Wo”.


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