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5 Top Gangsta Rappers In Nigeria You Should Not Allow Your Kids Listen To

Some of us care about street music. We would like to cover the top gangsta rappers in Nigeria. Of course there are going to be loads of them in the underground. So we’re going to highlight only 5 emcees who have made it out into the limelight with the thug lifestyle and/or content.

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Here is our criteria to measure an artistes gangsta-ness

(a) Must have a criminal, impolite and unethical attitude in public
(b) Must be very vulgar and harsh with words
(c) Must be really tough headed with a hard will.

Without further ado, let’s head into the list. Don’t forget to drop a comment if you have any opinion.

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List of the 5 top gangsta rappers in Nigeria

1. Sinzu


His escapades are well known and thoroughly documented. Sinzu, formerly known as Sauce Kid, is a real Nigerian gangsta rapper. Sinzu gas been incarcerated in the United States since 2016 for shop lifting $300 from a store.

This obviously isn’t the first time the rapper has been involved in such crimes. During the Sinzu vs Godwin beef In 2013, his longtime friend and accomplice turned enemy by the name Godwon gave us hints of how Sinzu was living and making his ends meet. It took us 3 years to actually see for ourselves.

Our sources say that the rapper also sold baking powder (if you understand). His last hit was the Davido assisted “Carolina”. He could be released anytime soon and we’re waiting to see what he’s up to next.

2. Erigga


The new money rapper was an actual criminal. He has spent some time in a Nigerian jail for a criminal charges of misdemeanor. The rapper who prefers to rap in pidgin language is a straightforward emcee. He speaks his mind and bares it all in each studio session. He is known to use words like ashawo, Toto, prick, yansh etc in his raps.

In the opening lines of his cover for Sam Smith’s “stay with me”, he is quoted saying;

If I die tomorrow know say na person shoot me

What if you hear say na one robbery when I go

cos I don’t tire for upcoming man I just wan blow

Born in the south south region of Nigeria, Erigga was raised by the street and in the street. He dreamt of becoming a basketball player in his teenage days before the music took control.

He is also reported to be seriously affiliated to the Pirates; a top Nigerian campus cult. He is definitely one of the to gangsta rappers in Nigeria.

3. Bosalin


This Igbo rapper is a firm believer of the thug lifestyle. He actually has mottos and codes that he lives by. Bosalin is not well known, but he is a really gangsta rapper in Nigeria.

He has the map of Biafra tattooed on his arm. That should tell you that he stands with Nnamdi Kanu and is not a fan of the zoo (Igbo separatists call Nigeria a zoo). This hard faced man believes in Igbo supremacy and independence. It’s gotta take some balls for an artiste to publicly hold such an unpopular view. Although lesser known, he is surely up there among the top gangsta rappers in Nigeria.

Bosalin is know to be vocal against rappers who sings. He believes that music needs learned and informed people to lead it. And those people are no other than the emcees. Bosalin is a hip hop supremacist.

4. Eedris Abdulkareem

Eedris Abdulkareem

He’s always been a crazy ass with a short fuse. This ill-tempered rapper is as loudmouthed as he is cocky. He’s had fights with taxi drivers, bar men, bouncers and even police officers.

First of all, Eedris was born to Yoruba parents. But guess what, he adopted Kano state as his state of origin. That is so wickedly thugnificent.

He also had a short altercation with American rapper and mogul, 50 cent. This singular act crowned his the king of all gangsta rappers in Nigeria. Eedris is always ready to participate in a street brawl. And it doesn’t matter how old he gets. All you need to do is provoke him.

He’s also a vocal social critic. He’s remembered for provoking the then president, Olusegun Obasanjo with his “Nigeria Jaga Jaga” song. He might be old, but is the chief of the top gangsta rappers in Nigeria.

5. Dagrin


He went too soon. Aged only 23, Dagrin left us hanging. When it comes to rapping in pure hip hop theme, he was the best. The Yoruba rapper didn’t mince words, rather he used them. With his played back style of delivery, he was always on hand to give us the best street inspired tunes.

His music touches runz girls, baking powder (you understand ), Mary J, robbery and burglary, poverty and all a true OG would vibe to.

Dagrin, born and raised in the ghetto, his music speaks the life of a hoodlum. Most of his songs are reflection’s of the Lagos thug life. We have no record of him fighting or breaking bottles, which is remarkable. He deserves to be on this list for bringing the ghetto pictures to the mainstream ear. Dagrin would be the contender for the throne of all top gangsta rappers in Nigeria.


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