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Ice Prince Zamani Became An Upcoming Artiste; This Is How It Happened

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Ice Prince Zamani sounds like an upcoming rapper these days. Maybe you haven’t noticed but the superstar rapper isn’t grabbing anyone’s attention with his latest songs. His music feels a little too normal. Gone are the days when Ice Prince would rhyme and actually rap.

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Here is a sad truth, Ice Prince used to be Nigeria’s flag bearer in Africa. Now he’s not even the best within these borders. Now he’s all about singing on trap beats, or any beat. He’s busy competing with Ycee in a game of “who’s the best singer”.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s an intelligent rhymer with a great flow. The guy can actually spit bars, he’s one of the best with written bars in terms of structure and delivery. However, this new thing he’s practicing is deliberately done.

Ice Prince Zamani has changed his style of music

oops, am I upcoming?

The metamorphosis started when he introduced the “aboki” flow. Of course he has paid his dues. He has done some good for himself and has the right to do whatever he wants artistically.

But hey, that doesn’t excuse him, there is no excuse for sounding below par. Not only is he rapping below average, he’s sounding really wack. I’d be more pleased if his wack music were turning into hits. Then I’d know its a marketing move to water down his style. But his music isn’t reaching the streets. Its just there; so why go wack if it can’t help you blow?

The last fight he had with Davido was due to a similar issue. Billed for a Port Harcourt Shinna Peller event, he got picked from the airport with a salon car while Davido got picked by a Mercedes G Wagon. To cap it off, Davido was lodged in a 5 star hotel. While ice Prince was well, lodged in just any deadbeat hotel. Your guess is a good as mine.

This enraged the Zamani Man justly. That’s the way to treat lil Kesh or a Small Doctor not an Ice Prince. As in “why would small Davido be getting G Wagon escort and I cant”. Thus a fight broke out and the ensuing controversy. Obviously the organisers don’t attach so much importance to his name. With no hits in 2016 and 2017, they think he’s now reverting back to an upcoming artiste. No wonder he got the second class treatment.

Ice Prince Zamani has got to get his game up

His fan base is distraught and looking for alternatives. We know he’s done much for himself, he’s Also done much for Jos by repping them. Now he needs to do much for his legacy.

He might not make another blockbuster hit again. He may not make the biggest sales but his time isn’t up yet. Its time for him to rap a lot, and put some respect on his name. Rappers who last long in our memories have a cult following. He needs to build that right now.

Did ice Prince become like an upcoming artiste? Yes he did. And its not our fault.

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  1. why not tag me to the show i want to be an Artiste just to rock the whole word with my songs am 16 and i have ten songs i need to release to the whole world i need a mentor that all thanks tag me

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