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Top 8 Upcoming Yoruba Rappers That Will Take Over The Music Industry

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There is a new crop of upcoming Yoruba rappers who are ready to snatch the throne from Olamide. These guys are tenacious and very skilled.

The rappers on this list will surely be mega stars in a few years from now. Hip Hop Head is going to list them and give a brief preview. Do not forget to drop a comment and share this post. Also remind us about any name we have left out of this important list.

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Top 8 Upcoming Yoruba rappers This Year

1. Wale Turner

Wale Turner

He is a new Yoruba rapper who really knows his stuff. He is gaining more ground in the music industry with each release. 2017 has not been a totally great year for him but there are more opportunities to come in the next season.

At his age, there is still a lot he can do. With his potential, the sky is the limit for him. He is getting much hype daily.

Download “No” by Wale Turner produced by Pheelz

2. Ola Dips

Ola Dips

This upcoming Yoruba rapper has had a hood year in 2017. But he has more to offer than the publicity he is getting. The rapper is known to be very sleek and coordinated. We expect 2018 to be his breakout year.

His full name is Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji fondly called “Omo Iya Aje“. He has the looks of a super star. In Nigerian entertainment, sometimes the charisma matters more than the talent. Guess what? He has both.

Download “Let Dagrin down” by Ola Dips produced by Sosick

3. Trod

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He announced his venture into the Nigerian music industry by making a statement of intent. He did it with just a few menacing words:

“I’m coming for my brothers throne, I want the crown back”

You might be asking “who is Trod?” He is the younger brother of the late Dagrin. Now you know his angle, you understand where he is coming from. However such statements need to be backed up. So far we have no concrete information on him. But if he truly has Dagrin’s DNA, then he’s one of the top upcoming Yoruba rappers everyone needs to watch out for.

Download “Ibile United” freestyle by Trod

4. Davolee


Olamide has a good ear. He knows how to invest his money by signing fresh Yoruba rappers like Davolee. The artiste put pent to paper on a deal for YBNL. Davolee has also dyed his hair golden. The young Ikotun rap artiste is a great story teller and he demonstrated that on his festival bar.

Davolee is known to command any song he steps on and this was no different. However with no hit singles in 2017, YNBL and fans of fresh Yoruba rap alike are a bit disappointed.

He Already has YNBL’s support which gives him a lot of potential fans. 2018 can be a great breakout year for him if he prepares well.

Download “Festival bar” by Davolee

5. Yung Tizzy

Yung Tizzy

Tizzy is the youngest kid on the block. I first heard him on Naija loaded cypher when he was 14 in 2016. He is a funny and sarcastic rapper. He reminds me of 2shots and Big Lo. His mind works really well and his brand of pop-rap is the exact kind of rap selling right now. He is one of our top upcoming upcoming Yoruba rappers, however needs to put a media campaign together.

He needs to push his work outside Lagos in order to expand his brand. Child stars must brace up for a competitive music career. And that advice is for Yung Tizzy.

Though he’s still just 15 as at 2017, now is the time for him to breakout. Nigerians have a way of forgetting artistes. Time waits for no one, especially in the Nigerian music industry.

Download “Shele Gan Gan” by Yung Tizzy

6. Tipsy


Arguably the Queen of Yoruba rap. She is no newcomer but I like to classify her as an upcoming Yoruba rapper. Shed yet to fulfill the great billing we’ve place on her. Tipsy is the Yoruba version of Splash; the Igbo rapper.

Its nice to see a Lady on the list. Even though she’s been around for a couple of years, we all need to watch out for her still.

Download “Owo” by Tipsy produced by Antras

7. Zlatan Ibile

Zlatan Ibile

His name comprises of of two words. Zlatan, just like Ibrahimovic describes how skillful he is on the microphone. Ibile which is a Yoruba word for “native” describes how close he is to his roots.

That tells you about the kind of rapper he is. He came to limelight in 2016 and we are expecting him to blow up major soon. This new Yoruba rapper is getting a lot of love from the streets.

Download “Zlatan” by Zlatan Ibile

8. Leke Lee

Leke Lee

Apart from lil Kesh, Leke Lee is another addition to the list of top upcoming Yoruba rappers. He can rap speedily, and ding like a soul singer. He is very impressive and gifted. The first time I heard him, I knew something fresh was coming from him. He produces nice melodies on enjoyable beats.

Recently he dropped a couple if banning tracks namely: To the street and Orimi, Gbim Gbim Gbim. If you are a fan of good music, I suggest you start paying attention to what Leke Lee has to offer. This is coming from Hip Hop Head so you know its no joke.

Download “Miliki” by Leke Lee produced by MasterKraft

What do you think of this list? Let us know in the comment box now

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