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Who Is The King Of Yoruba Rap? 9 Best Yoruba Rappers Of All Time – VOTE

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Today let’s settle the argument about who the best Yoruba rappers are. Yoruba rap as a genre is the most concrete hip hop sub genre in Nigeria. It has produced legends and mega stars. There is also a new generation of vibrant recruits who are willing and ready to take over from the present crop.

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But this list is about the top Yoruba rappers who have held us captive with their mind blowing sound over the years. We will try to do a brief intro about the rappers. After that, you can go on to the end of the post and vote because in music, everyone has a different taste.

NOTE: This is a list of rappers who rap predominantly in Yoruba language. It is NOT simply a list of rappers of Yoruba origin.

9 best Yoruba rappers of all time

1. Seriki


He is one Yoruba rapper that has been around for a while. The guy just won’t blow up really big. However he remains an underground boss of the Lagos streets.

However, ever since he broke out in 2010, he’s not had a smashing hit song. Nevertheless he’s one of the best Yoruba rappers out there.

2. Lord of Ajasa

Lord of Ajasa

The “One Mic” crooner happens to be a grandfather of the Yoruba rap genre. He is the earliest emcee to rap in the local Yoruba lingo. Lord of Ajasa recently quit music after a failed attempt at reviving his dying rap career. He is a name we must mention on the list of top best Yoruba rappers of all time.

He might not be the most refined but he certainly deserves a lot of credit for leading the path. He’s a legend, Just like Mr Raw for Igbo rap and Mode 9 for underground hip hop.

3. Lil kesh

Lil Kesh

The skinny looking rapper broke into the limelight with his smashing “Lyrically” jam. The song became an instant hit across campuses. Hus career took off our under Olamide’s YNBL record label. I still believe that the fame he has today is largely due to the YNBL influence, Olamide fans embraced him with both hands.

Kesh has since moved on from the badoo led label. He went on to create his own imprint YAGI (which is an acronym for Young and Getting It). He’s one if the fastest Yoruba rappers who can spit bars at high speeds.

4. Konga


The bald headed rapper is unique and unprecedented. Konga was a really big deal in the mid 2000’s during the kennis music era. His verses are a mixture of Yoruba words and unbelievable gibberish. He does it so well to the point that you’d wonder if it was actually written and rehearsed. Konga is the fastest Yoruba rapper I’ve ever heard.

However Konga has fallen off since and his time is up. But we still accord him proper respect and add him to the list of best Yoruba rappers of all time.

5. Tipsy


For a female to be listed on this blog in this category; you should know that she’s earned some ranks. Tipsy is coming out really strong as a female Yoruba rapper in the Nigerian music industry. Although she’s still considered an upcoming artiste, she’s got the talent and the drive if a mega star. Its only a matter of time before she takes over the airwaves.

Tipsy is the queen of Yoruba rap. She’s a good addition to the list.

6. CDQ


The first time anyone really heard him was on that banging “Indomie”, track that had Masterkraft and Olamide. He came into the collaboration as the underdog, but by the time he was done, it was clear that CDQ was a beast. Now we know what CDQ is capable of. He’s got a street vibe to his music and his voice makes you feel like your listening to Young Jeezy rap in Yoruba.

CDQ is a tough emcee and a top Yoruba rapper.

7. Reminisce


Now unto baba Hafusa himself; Rem is a bad-ass emcee who stands second only to Olamide in terms of achievements in the music industry. His last album did really well on iTunes and Spotify.

With major endorsements like LG and Orijin to his name, he is making cool money from his hardwork. Reminisce is a top Yoruba rapper who can flow really fast or even go solemn. He can serve it at any tempo and style you desire.

8. Olamide


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There is not much to write on him because you already know every. Olamide is not only blessed with talent, but also with charisma. From street fans to devoted disciples, the self acclaimed badoo has it all. At this speed, he’s on track to become the greatest Nigerian rapper of all time.

In terms of diversity, he’s also a well rounded artiste and performer. The rapper is known to carry his crew along which enables him to sample many opinions. Thus, he’s able to easily make pop hits and party bangers from catch phrases and trends.

We don’t know what would have happened to his career if Dagrin was alive. But we know that Olamide is one of the top Yoruba rappers who put the Yoruba rap sub-genre on the map.

9. Dagrin


Gone too soon. Left too early. These are adjectival phrases that can only be used to sum up Dagrin short but memorable music career. Aged only 23 at the time of his death, he left a lasting mark in the heart of Nigerian listeners. He’s a legend who will forever have a cult hero status.

If Lord of Ajasa is like Mode 9 for this genre, the Dagrin is the M.I. Abaga of Yoruba rap. Dagrin was an actually dedicated hip hop artiste. From his bars to his way of life, he represented the down to earth background he was raised from. No fake chains or photo-shopped dollar bills, just real rap. Dagrin in my opinion is more hip hop than even Drake (Quote me anywhere, I’m ready to present my argument on this). Most people believe that he’s the best Yoruba rapper in terms of lyricism and wordplay skills.

Over to you now. Have you say, what do you think about this list of best Yoruba rappers

Who is the best yoruba rapper ever?

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