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Where Is Lord Of Ajasa? Three Reasons Why The Veteran Rapper Is Now Irrelevant

Where is Lord of Ajasa? This is a question that indicates that an artiste has become irrelevant. Simply put, he is a forgotten man in the Nigerian music industry. Ask your friend about Lord of Ajasa and they go like “Ooh that guy, where is he sef”.

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Not too long ago he was the only Yoruba rapper with a mainstream hit. Lord of Ajasa is one of Dagrin’s biggest influences. Even at that, those who would really know him are almost in their 30’s. His music didn’t complete the migration to the hearts of the younger and more active music fans. His little attention seeking beef thingy with Olamide did not help either.

Where is Lord of Ajasa?

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So where is Lord of Ajasa. No don’t get it wrong, he’s not missing neither has he been declared kidnapped. He just doesn’t matter anymore. Even as heartless as I am, I still feel sad at the way this veteran ended up in irrelevance.

There is a popular belief that artistes become irrelevant once they stop making hits. But this does not apply in every case. Artistes like Dr Dre, Mode 9, Jesse Jags and MI haven’t made national bangers in a while. But they still matter. They matter because they did tangible work and left us to chew on the record breaking material. Some of their work are studied and redeveloped by other artistes. We labelled such stuff as Classics.

Why people ask where is Lord of Ajasa

1. He was making music at a time when Alaba marketers were ripping artistes off.

Back then there was a heavy over reliance on record labels. This arrangement with labels were not always fair. Check out the mega artistes who reigned in the mid 2000’s. Majority of them didn’t make enough money for the worth of the work they put out. When you have no money, you have no means to stay relevant.

Thank God for advancement in digital retail technology. Artistes can now sell and earn directly from stores like iTunes and Spinlet.

2. He was rapping in Yoruba when it wasn’t hot.

It was the era when storm records dominated Nigerian hip hop. Naeto C, Sasha P, Ikechukwu, Sinzu and the likes were all blazing at the time. What do they have in common? They rap in English. Yoruba rap wasn’t considered a legit genre. Even Mr Raw had it rough.

Thus the rapper never got invited to the big table. Its easy to be forgotten when you don’t get the major industry attention.

3. People don’t just Care because he’s in the “almost” category of artistes.

Its a category of musicians who are not super stars and are neither upcoming. People know their names, but are not interested in what they are about to drop.

One thing worse than being an upcoming artiste is to be an “almost blown” artiste. Example are: Dipp, Blackfaze and 2 Shots. Lord of Ajasa tried a comeback with his artistic grandson, Olamide. We waited for it but it got very poor reception when it dropped.

Barely any radio play and blog feature. When people stop talking about you or your work, you’re done In the music industry.

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