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Erigga VS Yung6ix; Who Is The Rap King Of The South In Nigeria

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When you talk about who the best rapper from southern Nigeria is, it becomes an Erigga vs Yung6ix debate. The south has produced a number of good rappers.

Some of them include M-trill, Yung Hanz, Frankie Free and Cyrus the Virus, and they are truly remarkable and unique too.

But Yung6ix and Erigga are both claiming the southern throne within the Nigerian rap community. However a throne can only belong to one person at a time.

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This is why we at HipHopHead wants to analyze the current supremacy battle between Yung6ix and Erigga.

With the release of Erigga’s Trip To The South album, the debate is back on. Who is the king of the south? Is it Erigga new money or Yung6ix.

In hip hop, such differences can be clinically settled through a battle. But since we do not have the luxury of having both rappers go at each other; we’ll throw the verdict to the fans. Now you get to decide.

Here are the 7 points we will analyze on both rappers before you make your final decision on the Erigga vs Yung6ix debate;

1. Lyricism: The lyrical intelligence of an artiste. In rap, the most important skill is the rappers ability to create a sensible verse.

2. Mainstream appeal: How well and artiste can sell as a packaged product. This includes endorsements and social followership.

3. Delivery: The ability of an artiste to perform with a high level of audibility and expertise.

4. Street credidbility: How well an artiste communicates and connects with the street.

5. Record success: An artistes financial and artistic achievements in the music industry.

6. Character toughness: This yardstick measures how strong an artiste is in terms of sticking to his beliefs. In an expressive culture like hip hop, having a tough character is very important.

7. Dynamism: An artistes ability to be versatile and explore other forms of art.

Breakdown of Erigga VS Yung6ix analysis

We have Yung6ix,


And then we’ve got Erigga,






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1. Lyricism: Winner – Erigga

In terms of lyrical prowess, Erigga is by far a more dexterous rapper. Before hitting the lime light, Erigga was a battle rapper who won up to 30 rap competitions across Warri, Port Hacourt, Sapele, Yenagoa and Benin.

The guy is an astute story teller who will dance circles around Yung6ix. Erigga has deeper and matured story line songs while Yung6ix now makes more “Happy” music. Many of Erigga’s songs have been banned; a lot of them were penalized for having too many vulgar radio-poisonous bars.

As far as Erigga vs Yung6ix go, Yung6ix does not come close in this department. He is a baby rapper who still makes basic rhymes.

2. Mainstream appeal: Winner – Yung6ix

Yung6ix has the face for the cameras. In front of a screen, he’s a natural. The baby faced good looking rapper has a huge female fan base. That tells you he is running his game tight; he knows his market and he’s selling it. He reminds me of LL Cool J.

Because of his evergreen look, the guy has a huge following in social medias. Yung6ix does not find it difficult to get in features because of this mainstream acceptability. He was even on of the judges at the Hennessy Artistry’s VS Class.

Erigga on the other hand is next to non-existent in this category. When he was nominated to the Lyricist On The Roll category at the 2012 Headies, a lot of people were asking “Who is Erriga?”

The guy looks too unfriendly, no vex.

3. Delivery: No Winner – Tie

This category is very must up for debate. And these are 3 reasons why we think its a tie;

(a) Erigga raps in Pidgin and Yung6ix raps in English. These are two totally different languages and its difficult to judge who has a better delivery when the artiste in question do not perform using the same language.

(b) They both have the Delta state accent. Both rappers still have the accent at the back of thiee tongues. A “sh” comes off as a “ch” I.e fish can sound like Fich. While Erigga blatantly uses the heavy accent in his raps, Yung6ix tries to hide it behind a layed-back flow.

(c) They both have an “okay” delivery. It would have been easier for us to decide if one if them was miles away. But they are just not so faraway from each other in terms of delivery.

This Erigga vs yung6ix article will leave that judgement to you.

4. Street Credibility: Winner – Erigga

Erigga. Is the son of the street. He is the definition of a Nigerian OG rapper and his songs shamelessly preach the lifestyle of the ghetto that knows. In Nigeria, the majority of listeners still do not connect well to rap verses delivered in American English. They might pick one or two good punchlines, but much of it passes through the other ear.

So Erigga and his pidgin rap is able to reach the hearts of more people. He’s songs are addictive and dark, just the way the like it in the slums. Erigga is hop hop by practice. He has spent 4 years in a Nigerian jail so you know he’s not just any wannabe bad guy like Falz. Erigga had been involved in a life of crime before now. He actually knows what it’s like on the other side of the glamour life.

Yung6ix on the other hand might be a bigger rapper. He can pull a big Crowd and keep the audience happy with hit songs easy rhymes. But he’s no match for Erigga when it comes to street credibility.

5. Record Statistics: Winner – Yung6ix

Yungsix has more hit songs, more fans and more money. He makes headlines for mundane things just like mega stars do. Just recently he spent over N3 million on drinks at Quilox; one of Shina Peller’s night clubs. Yung6ix is recipient of more awards and is living the life of an A list artiste.

However the same cannot be said for Erigga who is still classified as an upcoming rapper due to his poor record numbers. Erigga isn’t on the news and entertainment blogs and we don’t hear about him.

His biggest jam was 2011 “Mo Street Gan” but that was 6 long years ago. But with his new Trip To The South album, we hope the story will change.

Till then, Yung6ix has the bragging rights in this category and Erigga does not come close.

6. Character Toughness: Winner – Erigga

By all standards, Erigga is a more stubborn rapper than Yung6ix. Erigga is one of the few Nigerian rappers who have spoken out against injustice and fraud in the entertainment industry system. The others are Eedris Abdulkareem, Ycee, Mode 9 and Overdose.

On his cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”, he bares it all out. He talks about Bribery; about how radio presenters won’t play your song unless you “sort” them. No wonder wackass rich kids like Skuki can get on air; whereas we don’t hear intellectuals like Paybac on radio.

Most Nigerian rappers are scared of speaking out so they remain truly broke. Many of them depend on label bosses for basic needs like house rent and travel fees and its not a lie. They do not earn as much as their pop and dance-hall counterparts.

Erigga’s songs end up getting banned from radio. This is majorly because his high use of imaginative vulgarity. He has been advised to water down his lyrics but the guy would rather stick to his preferred style.

On the other hand, Yung6ix is not a tough rapper. When HKN’s B-Red called him out on Instagram and threatened to beat him up, he kept quiet like coward and did not reply. YungSix just doesn’t seem like the type to speak out against big institutions. He’s not a gangsta like Erigga.

7. Dynamism: Winner – Yung6ix

You shouldn’t even be told. YungSix is a more dynamic artiste. He sings and raps without sounding forced. He is great at bending the structure of his verse to suit any form of music. His fan base consist of all kinds of music fans.

It makes it easy for him to satisfy fans of other genres like Afro pop and dance-hall. This is a huge reason why he’s achieved a lot of success in the industry. He came into lime light off a cover of Ice Prince’s “Oleku”; a track he m*rdered even better than the original owner of the song.

Since then, he’s been making a variety of music for every season and occasion. He’s got club songs, hardcore freestyles, covers, love songs and anything you can think of.

Erigga is a more devoted rapper. It looks like he’s stuck with his pidgin flow. In fact we don’t recognize him when he isn’t flowing in vernacular. He’s no match for Mr Yung6ix in terms of versatility in this Erigga vs Yung6ix analysis.

We have come to the end of the Erigga vs Yung6ix analysis. So who among the pair is the king of the south in Nigeria?

Who is the king of the south?

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2 thoughts on “Erigga VS Yung6ix; Who Is The Rap King Of The South In Nigeria

  1. Na we dey d south and we know who d King is.. Yung6ix is our brother no doubt but if you check well na Erigga be king. Think about it a King is one who protects and fights for his people… Paper boy has the songs that fights and is still fighting for us. Check out “wickedman” ft oristefemi, “yab dem” against the oppressive SARS we have in the country, “story story” an inspirational song for every broke artiste or street boy, “lagos” ft Duncan Mighty. D jams dem many. I forgot to mention “Real mata”. Habeg! Habeg! 4get ur mata. EriBaba is the King. Let me use this medium to say a shout out to my fellow Southern Artiste wen dey keep d game tight. GeeMolly, Graham D, Gasky King Habu, Twest Respect, Victor AD, C’Wyer, Akishi, Zion Man and the rest…. It’s ur boy Cuzzy a.k.a Delta Boy, still underground tho… You can have my number still in case you want to come to my house and beat me …. Nigeria, Warri +234 7064 2790 45 or Ghana, Accra +233 552 257 331… God Bless

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