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Want To Blow? Join Hennessy Artistry’s VS Class; For Upcoming Rappers In Nigeria

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The VS Class is Hennessy Artistry’s most entertaining show. It is set to become Nigeria’s foremost hip hop nurturing platform. Warning: You have to be good at rap battling in order to suit in, hip hop is not for the weak.

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The turnout for its third season is a testimony to the fact that hip hop isn’t dead in Nigeria. Since its inception in 2014, the VS class has become one of the most followed live radio shows. It is a platform for upcoming rappers to show their skills to listeners and all who care.

Hennessy artistry is taking a step in the right direction

The VS class gathers the most promising rap acts from all over the country. The artistes will be screened and carefully vetted via a well organized audition process.

From there on, the artistes will be exposed to different challenges. They will be primed to compete in a series of rap battles on air. This battle rap face-off could last for a period of about two months.

The winner of this round will be pampered and put on a bigger stage. He or she will be presented with many opportunities, like scholarships or record deals with well established record labels in Nigeria.

Hennessy artistry’s VS Class comes up anually

Upcoming rapper Holyfield, who is a past winner, has been signed to Aristokrat Records with a recording deal. We expect him to release an album in 2017, this is what Hennessy Artistry’s VS Class is all about; promoting the culture of hip hop music and rap art.

Therefore, the stage is set and the doors will be thrown wide open for upcoming rappers every year. It is not for the lily livered. It is for those who can stand their ground and hold unto their confidence. Its for those who have the stuff, and actually knows what to rap about about when given a fully functional microphone.

The idea of VS class

Honestly I think Hennessy is simply trying to give back to the Nigerian music community. The Nigerian hip hop community has helped the Hennessy brand to grow its tentacles in the African market. It is the staple drink for any music video; artistes are vocal about their love for expensive drinks like Hennessy.

Now the luxury brand is saying thank you to an industry that gave it free promotion and patronage. Nigerians rappers are hugely responsible for the growth and acceptance of the brand in Africa. Thus, it chose a good way to appreciate the community; by raising young artistes in this yearly talent hunt.

Therefore Hennessy created the VS Class platform to promote Nigerian rap music and hip hop culture. It is all about the discovery of new and exciting talent. This program will help upcoming artistes to find a foothold in the crowded music space. discover talented MCs with a true passion for the art in Nigeria. The VS class is a platform that all upcoming rappers have to consider.

And just like movie series have seasons, the show is grouped into “classes”. Each class represent an annual set of rappers. In other words a new call emerges each year. And the arrival of a new year brings a peculiar opportunity for young emcees on this show.

The Classes

The Class of 2014 got a golden chance to work with Kid Konnect, a veteran music producer. Each set has something special packaged for them at the end of the class.

The Judges for the class of 2017 include superstars like Falz the bad guy, female rapper Phlow, YungSix and class master, Vector tha Viper .

How to join

Are you up to it, do you really have a rap gift? Then get into the challenge. And with the coming of video auditioning, things gave become really easy for artistes who are far away from the venue.

The nNow all the artistes have to do now is as follows;

(a) Upload a one 1 minute (about 24 bars) clip video dropping your best bars on Instagram with the hashtag #HennessyVSClassAuditions

(b) Register for the LIVE auditions by visiting the address dictated by them.

For more on the VS class, follow Hennessy on instagram @Hennessy_ng. Follow the conversation on Twitter or on Instagram using this hashtag. #HennessyVSClass.

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