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Nigerian Government Should Leave Artistes Alone And Stop Banning Songs

In all honesty, I think the Nigerian government is exhibiting too much hypocrisy. They are not fixing our dead hospitals or repairing roads. They don’t support basic and tertiary education because they don’t give a fack about the youth. ASUU just started another strike, it has sent everybody back home and that’s not their problem.

The Nigerian government are known to place ban on songs. But some of these songs that speak more truth and have more impact than their whole existence.

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The one thing the Nigerian youth has, the one thing we can hold dearly, is the music. The music industry is the most reliable companion in Nigeria.¬† So why can’t they pay attention and stop trying to ban things here and there?

Why don’t they try to reduce the rate of unemployment. The music industry, powered by these “bad” songs is creating employment on a daily basis. Someone needs to start blaming the government seriously, they are dream killers. Societal vices exist everywhere in the world, but it is becoming an acceptable norm in Nigeria because of a failing government.

The ministry of health claims that Olamide’s “Wo” video promotes smoking. The jam has now gotten the dreaded ban. This was the same jam that inspired the “Wo” challenge, something that created an activity for idle youths. Olamide even gave the winner a whooping sum of 1 Million naira.This is what they choose to ban.

The implication of this ban is that the video and Mp3 will no longer enjoy airplay on any media station; this effectively kills the track.


Olamide’s “Wo” is the latest to face the ban stick

The music is not the problem, the problem created the music.

Nigerians don’t make music about launching rockets, because we have no rockets. In the same way, our music wouldn’t be so facked up if we didn’t have such a facked up society.

A Scenario:

Edafe is a criminal and robs on the highway because he can’t get a job 7 years after completing his NYSC. Amaka is a slay queen and she’ll ho around in school because its the only way for her to get past the ridiculously high tuition fees of the dead-ass universities she attends.

Imagine if an artiste makes a song that covers the lifestyles of Edafe and Amaka. The song will become a hit because it speaks the mind of so many people like Edafe and Amaka.

Can we say that the song is bad? The music is only telling the truth about the street. A painful truth, one that a lot of us would rather ignore.

But let me explain

The music of the day is a reflection of the society. Music does not create and preach its own peculiar idea. Rather it announces a popular idea, one that a lot of people already subscribe to.

Another example:

Hip hop has been criticized for promoting violence and the use of hard dr*gs. But rap music didn’t create or start the menace. Rap music has only been a tool for individual artistes to announce the lifestyle they know.

Lecrae raps about the gospel, Mystikal raps about raepe. Both topics exist and represents the interests of a lot of people

Hit songs become hit songs because somehow, you just vibe naturally with them. A producer or an artiste, no matter how gifted and well known, do not have the power to determine what becomes a hit. This is because they have no power to decide what you vibe to.

Thus, one cannot predict which song becomes a hit because its really not up to us. Its up to the fans and listeners. The real power lies with them, not the mega stars. The celebrities are nothing but elected representatives of people desires.

The voice of the people will be heard eventually. People will express themselves according to the situations they find themselves in. One day they could choose to speak through a riot. Another time they might want to speak by living an acquired lifestyle. But most times, the people speak through music they chose to listen to.

But one thing is for sure, you will know when the people speak. So if the Nigerian government wants to know whats happening on the street; they should listen to the hit songs and what the artistes are saying. Because hits are elected by fans.

Here are two songs the Nigerian government needs to listen to;

Daddy Yo – WizKid
The song expressly talk about sugar daddies. Lesson: Since education has become too difficult to get, Nigerian girls are now into daddy yo’s for daily bread.

Living things – 9ice
The song is a shout-out to people we like to modestly call “Socialites”. Even thought we all know these guys are scammers and 419ers. Lesson: Since there are no jobs, Nigerian guys are now aspiring to become celebrated cyber criminals. Just following footsteps of the ones in the national Assembly.

Bottom line:

The Nigerian government has not helped local musicians to grow, this industry was built through toil without support. Now they should¬†leave artistes to make art pay attention to the street. That’s where the real people live. If they want to know what’s going on, the music will tell them what the majority is thinking.


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