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Top 10 Wackest Rappers In Nigeria – Who Is The Worst Among Them? Vote Now

Who are the wackest rappers in Nigeria? Hopefully this list will provide a good answer to that lingering question. As you all know, we are all about promoting the hip hop culture in Nigeria. That means we call people out and give honor to whom honor is due.

So today we are calling out some of the worst rappers in Nigeria. Our judgement is in terms of lyrical prowess, what would hip hop be without the lyrics?!.

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We might mention your favorite rapper, you’re free to vex and express yourself in the comment box or diss us in a song. You call it hating, we call it Hip Hop culture and anyone we mention here is probably worse than you think. Also if any of them are your role models then you might end up on the list of wackest rappers in Nigeria very soon. The list is in no particular order;

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10 of the wackest rappers in Nigeria

1. Lynxxx


Why is Lynxxx on this list you may ask. He’s here because he is categorized as a hip hop artiste, I mean the guy thinks he’s a dope rapper. You think I’m kidding? Check his Wikipedia page and see the description written for him.

No wonder the outside world don’t take our rap music serious anymore. If looks were bars, he would have been Nigeria’s best, but you have rap with actual words. And his self styled Jollof rap is still not a thing.

Born as Chukie Edozien on the 24th of November in 1983, Lynxxx is signed to Syndik8 records. He the son of John Edozien, former governor of Bendel state. He also has a degree on Business economics from the university of Hull in the UK.

Lynxxx is a pop artiste, its not compulsory to be called a rapper. Just stay in your lane and do what you can. The only thing he used to rap was weed, but now he’s born again. And if you follow him on Instagram you will find out that he’s found his calling; giving inspirational advice.

2. Vic o

Vic O

As a top dog in the wackest rappers in Nigeria list,  this Italy based Nigerian artiste makes the worst music you will probably ever hear. I don’t know what to call this guy. I’m not sure the word whack can fully capture his music. His ineptitude is only rivaled by his arch enemy, Speedy Darlington. He is a native of Boki Local Government area in Rivers state.

He recorded his first full album in 2008, and thank god it didn’t hit the airwaves. We dodged a bullet there. However, he is relentless, he dropped another project in 2011. But God came to our rescue again, by making sure the album failed.

Vic O does not have any hit track, he is more Popular for being an eccentric clown. Despite being one of the worst rappers in Nigeria, Vic O can boast of being 10 years old in the industry.

Because of the unbelievable fun he generates, he’s gotten over 40,000 on Instagram and hundreds of thousands of views on his YouTube channel. One thing though, is that his style might be a gimmick, someone cannot be this unrepentant and useless. He has to be making money from his YouTube channel via advertising. People will pay to watch him do clown around, and that could be a strategy he is using to make money quietly.

On a scale of 10 to 10. how ridiculous is this album cover?

On the 2nd of August in 2015, the self claimed king of rap twitted that if he could get 5,000 retweets, he would release a diss track targeted at Drake and Meek Mill. The tweet gathered 5,500 retweets and he dropped the song titled “Rip Drake and Meek Mill

He trended for two days after this mishap. WOW.

3. Speed Darlington

Speed Darlington

The person above is one of the worst Nigerian rappers to ever exist. Does he like big b00ty women? yes, is he getting them? yes. Does he look like a retard? hell yeah, Does he give a fack? hell no. Only Donald Trump’s can come close to the amount of confidence this guy has. Speedy does not care if you believe in him, his belief in himself enough for a million people.

The New York Based Nigerian rapper seems to have a lot of cash to spend on women and expensive drinks. Despite his poisonous accent, he performs at shows and charges a gate fee, and people pay to watch.

Speedy’s confidence in his obviously poor music inspires a hip hop billionaire

Don’t think he is local too, his unbelievably wack music has reached international heights and rap moguls are paying attention. He broke the internet when P Diddy posted about him on Instagram.

And Nigerians reacted.

He has moved back to his fatherland and arguably wears the crown among the wackest rappers in Nigeria. Download the song that inspired Diddy titled “Bang Didi Dang

4. Dr Sid

Dr Sid

Just like Lynxxx, Dr Sid believes he’s a dope emcee but he’s one of the worst rappers in Nigeria. Back in the Trybesman days, he was good and could string up a few sick lines.

The competition from Freestyle, Blaise and Eldee made sure he sat up and wrote his life out. But ever since the hook up with Mo Hits (Now Mavin) he’s become a pop star, kinda like Skales.

Now if you want to do pop or Afro or whatever, feel free and enjoy. Just don’t call yourself a rapper. Sid has given a lot of hits to the Nigerian music industry, he sang on auto tune most of the time.

But whenever he tries to rap, his lines end up disgusting, cheap and weak. His rap songs don’t go anywhere. The guy should stick to singing because Don Jazzy’s got his back, he is one of the wackest rappers in Nigeria.

He is the son of the late Nigerian actor, Justice Esiri. 37 year old Dr Sid is a dentist.

5. Shina Rambo

Shina Rambo

Here is another fine boy with no rapping skill. He Puffed and huffed like the wolf in the little red riding hood. He made expensive videos with Clarence Peters. But the talent refused to appear, its the one thing you cant buy with money.

Pardon me for adding him as one of the wackest rappers in Nigeria. Three things that upcoming artistes needs to learn from him are as follows;

(a) Being Davido’ cousin is not a musical achievement. You don’t win awards because you live and roll with the OBO.

(b) Being a fine mulatto boy does not mean you can rap. Your mother can be British and you can still be wack because dopeness is practical hard work and not genetic. You might have spent donkey years in the UK and still not have a proper accent.

The real Shina Rambo photographed in the 90’s. You can see his charms and murderous revolver pistol.

(c) Don’t name yourself after a known criminal. The real Shina Rambo was a ruthless and infamous Lagos based criminal cum assassin in the early 90’s. He is now a pastor.

Such is the case of Shina Rambo, one of the wackest rappers in Nigeria.

6. Kwality

I honestly thought he was a psycho who escaped Jos mental hospital. I found out layer that the guy was simply autistic. Now, in the past, autism has been related to genius tendencies. Most inventors and great composers exhibited a level of autism. Not this guy, his own inspires him to make really bad music.

He has a knack for going off key and his songs can be used as a mosquito repellant because even insects don’t like it. He has released track after track and he seems not to slow down. Its only a matter of time before he reaches the heights of Speedy Darlington and Vic O, chai.

The guy sees himself as an intellectual, take a peek at his twitter timeline here and see how he respond to fans. His song titled “lion king” released in 2013 will tell you more.

7. Konga


Jibidibi sabidibi raba bidi migi digi sigi rigi gidi vaga bobe

That sums up all of Konga’s dopest lines that I know. I’m not talking of the Konga you buy things from online. This one is a rapper that flows like he’s got hot yam and bean porridge in his mouth. His stage name is a Yoruba word that means “depth” or “well” for fetching water.

But he is not deep so the word depth does not qualify his work. However the word “well” might explain why he sounds like his head is under water. I wont talk much about him because I respect my elders, I mean the guy is old, as old as Lord of Ajasa, if not older. However Konga should respect himself and start wearing shirts.

8. Mo Cheddah

Mo Cheddah

Yes there is a woman on the list and its no other than Mo Cheddah. The 27 year old, born as Modupe Oreoluwa Oyeyemi got signed to Knight house records in 2009 aged 19. But she left in 2012 to start her own imprint Cheddah records. She hit the limelight really early, maybe too early.

She can’t rap to save her own life and that’s the truth. 2012 to 2014 was a good period for her. But fast forward 2017 and all traces of her are gone. You probably forgot there was someone like Mo until you got to this article.

Its as a result of poor lyrics and weak songs. She was the flashy diva who would take every hot hook back then. She’s always been a fashionista and now runs a clothing line. With two studio albums to her name, it seems music is over for her.

9. Seriki


The death of Dagrin did many upcoming Yoruba rappers a favor. Cats like Olamide and Reminisce took the opportunity and used it to boost their own careers with maximum effectiveness.

Seriki on the other hand has remained an upcoming artiste. One way or another, your skill or lack of it will show and that’s the case of Seriki. He’s got all it takes to rank high but I think he’d got a lot of sycophants who’d rather not tell him the truth. He’s one of the Nigeria’s worst rappers.

However Seriki remains a local Yoruba champion in Lagos. He tries to practice the street theme but that is no excuse to compromise your Intelligence and become a wack emcee. He is one of the wackest rappers in Nigeria. Even CDQ who just came into the spotlight has better hip hop verses than him.

10. Iceberg slim

Iceberg Slim

The last time we heard from this guy was when he had that beef thing with M.I Abaga. That was in 2010, some seven years ago. Spend 7 strong years without any major break in a chaotic Nigerian music industry and you know you’re done. Iceberg is irrelevant and one of the wackest rappers in Nigeria.

Here is a lesson for upcoming Nigerian rappers.

(a) Speaking phonetics and “wanna gonna” can be fresh, only if you have something dope to say. Iceberg was really cool with his accent but the guy has always been lyrically incapacitated.

(b) If you had the opportunity to travel to Yankee, we are happy for you. But that does not mean you can simply come back and become a rapper in Nigeria. Iceberg felt it was all about the Yankee hype until M.I Abaga schooled him in the art of “one chance”

The real Iceberg Slim was a renowned American P.I.M.P and no one cares about that in Nigeria

(c) Although the name could be very sleek and fresh, try not to name yourself after an American pimp that no one cares about in Nigeria.

what do you think about his list, did we capture the wackest rappers in Nigeria?

Since we have published a list of worst Nigerian rappers here. Soon we will be publishing another list. This time its going to be for the most lyrically gifted Nigerian rappers. However cast votes.

Who is the worst rapper in Nigeria?

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Wackest Rappers In Nigeria – Who Is The Worst Among Them? Vote Now

  1. Really?! Iceberg slim wack? Wow. ona don fuck up. MI cant compare any of his 16bars to iceberg freestyling. yall dont know hip hop. Iceberg? His punchlines dey disfigure

    1. Hey Asshole,

      The problem with uninformed teenagers like you is ignorance, No one wants you here so don’t get too emotional.

  2. man you really got this, i didnt even know that dr sid, mocheddah and most of those names you called are known as rappers, make dem go sleep abeg, bad dope upcomming rappers are looking for way to be hit the spotlight and fakes are already there playing, GOD dey shaar

  3. Listing Lynxxx as the number one worst rapper is appalling and unfair. He actually has some good material even if on other people’s works. However, him at number one and Ice at term is just hysterically off.

  4. I am disappointed that this is coming from a hip hop head.How can you say seriki is whack? he is a good lyricist,humorous and has a great timing. I doubt you listen to his music or understand the language he raps in.he has been on like 3 different tracks that has vector on it and he always hold his own.he is far from been whack. And iceberg slime ain’t whack too.

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