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Upcoming Nigerian Artiste Emmo Lyrics Is An Ill And Complete Lyricist

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Just like his name, Emmo Lyrics is here to change the narrative of Nigerian pop music. It has long been known that Nigerian mainstream artistes cant write sense. Some perform obviously meaningless music and get called out for it. But He is here to change all that.

Born as Michael Obi Obichukwu and he hails from Imo state. However he was born and brought up in the commercial state of Lagos. He is an Afro beat, High life and Dance hall musician. Read on;

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How did you come about your stage name?

I came about my stage name back when I was in secondary school. Its Emmolyrics by the way, its just like picking out my the first letter from both my birth name & surname which is supposed to be (M.O). But I also made it more stylish to vocalize it as Emmo.

And finally, since they people say I am good at writing songs, I had to addsomething that has could embody Lyrics. That’s how my stage name Emmo Lyrics came to life.

Emmo Lyrics

What inspired you to venture into music

Honestly speaking I started getting inspired by music when I began listening to albums from the two artistes that I love so much. They helped me discover my singing talent. They are 2 face Idibia and R Kelly.

Tell us about your Childhood and family background

My childhood was all about music. I remember back in the day when I would go to my neighbors room and the next compound after my house to sing songs like “African Queen” by 2face and “Same girl”by R Kelly and Usher.

It made so many people love having me around even though I was really young, about 8 years old. I lived with my grandmother as well, she has been the one who trained me, from when I was two years old.

Emmo Lyrics how do you combine music and academics

Combining music and my Academic was not tough for me at all. Because I write my songs when I’m less busy at home, after school or during break time in the class when I don’t have an assignment or anything to do. It was as simple as that until I finished my secondary school and took music up full time.

What has been your greatest challenge and success as a Nigerian singer

My greatest challenge has always been finding a platform for myself to push my music and to make my dreams finally come true. My greatest Success is that people around me and those far from me who have heard my songs love it. They always encourage me never to relent but to continue shining.

Which top artiste would you like to feature and why

I have a unique style and the artist I would really like to feature is 2 face Idibia. This is because he is the best at composing music. He makes the most Reasonable and touching songs.

Do you have any upcoming projects we need to watch out for?

Not for now, but I did headline a show that was packaged with my name. I just did that not too long ago.

Who is your role model and why do you respect him/her

I do have lots of role models. They include names like Nelson Mandela, 2 face Idibia,Wiz kid. I respect them because I get so inspired and more encouraged when I listen to the story of their struggles.

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