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Spotlight Is Introducing Teenage Upcoming Rapper Morgan

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Morgan is his name, what a modest title to go by in such a razz music industry. However his real names are Alfred Isreal Victory,and he hails from Delta state. As you will see, he is young and all his names are in English. We will find out in time if his art can match the zeal his shows. He is a rapper and hip hop artiste. Continue below;

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How did you come about your stage name?

I wrote a verse with six bars and I combined the beginning of each bar. The lyrics  were magical and by using each letter of the first word on every bar, I come across my name.

What inspired you to venture into music

I have loved music right from my childhood days. Music is medicine to me and I cure myself with it anytime I’m depressed or heartbroken.


Morgan Tell us about your Childhood and family

I was raised up with love and from a loving family. But ever since I was little, I have had one ambition which is to break the records of my family, and by God’s grace I’ll achieve it

We know its not easy, so how do you combine music and academics

My parents are far away, this gave me ample opportunity to deal with my music and my academics separately. If they were close by, it would be a different case. But I have a schedule. I go for music when I have to and deal with academics when I need to.

What has been your greatest challenge and success as a budding Nigerian artiste

My greatest challenge is the obvious lack of freedom. I am being prevented from doing most of the things that I want to do. Sometimes, I’ll have to sneak out of the house to pursue my music dreams.

Anything more You would like us to know about you?

I am quite unique and if given the opportunity I would like to feature Ycee. I like his style of singing. Currently, I have no project coming out soon but I will be working harder to sharpen my skills.
My role model Ycee like I said earlier, his style is very similar to mine. In a few years from now, I see myself as a well known artiste doing shows and selling out every venue.
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