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Who Is Phlow? The Quality Nigerian Female Rapper You Didn’t Know + (Str8 Up Video)

Born as Stephanie Asuai Eyime, Nigerian female rapper Phlow is carving her own niche in a male dominated hip hop music genre.

Based in Lagos, she belongs to the second generation of the old str8buttah crew, one of Nigeria’s pioneer hip hop groups of the early 2000’s.

Her strong affiliation to such a devoted rap sect tells you a lot about her pedigree. She released a seven track Extended play project titled “Mind, Body & Phlow” 2016 under Str8Buttah Productions.

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The 7 track EP was produced by Nigerian hip hop grand master and record producer, Teckzilla. Phlow went on to release singles namely “Phlowetic Justice” and “Love It Or Not”. Shortly afterwards she dropped a mini EP titled “Asuai”.

Rapper Phlow

Don’t let the pretty face fool you, she’s a lyricist who can hold her own on any platform. One look into her fiery eyes and you’ll see she’s got quite the hunger and spark that the Nigerian female rap category needs to get off its arse. Its only a matter of time before she hits the spotlight and you’ll be glad you were here to witness the rise.

Her work has been featured on many top international music sites such as HipHopDX, Egotripland, TheSource and 2dopeboyz. Her single “Love It Or Not” was featured on many quality magazines like BackSpin and MTV Base. She also appeared in French Magazine, Elle.

Observable Style of Music

Lyrically, she is as sound as any one could be. Concise and focused, her style is unwavering and she does not compromise depth for attractiveness. She can rap over solid traditional hip hop instrumentals without sounding like an accentuated barbie clown, no pun intended Eva Alordia.

On many occasions, Phlow has worked with the veteran Nigerian hip hop artiste by the name Teckzilla. He also isn’t shy when it comes to showing off his skill and versatility.

Phlow’s Str8 up Video

After releasing an ill all-babe posse cut with members of her Str8Buttah Productions crew. Lagos based female Nigerian rapper Phlow went solo and cooked up some heat in the video for her new single titled “Str8 Up”

Teckzilla and Phlow have given us a number of classic tracks together over the last few years. They only seem to increase the tempo of the competition every time they drop something new.

While Phlow’s lyrics absolutely inspire the visuals for the buzzing “Str8 Up” video. A lot of kudos has got to be given to the production team; RCube Vision. They did an awesome job on the video. With the use of animation, They drop bits of her bars throughout the video by highlighting her distinctly tough lines.

The rap is seasoned by some serious dance moves. It kinda makes you feel like you’re in a mega street celebration of world Hip Hop culture reminiscent of DJ Kool Herc’s Bronx block parties of the 70’s. Str8 Up is a one of a kind anthem.

Check out the video below and stay woke for more info on Phlow’s forthcoming project “Flux”. It’s going to drop later this year via Str8Buttah Productions.


Go and listen to more from Female rapper Phlow on her sound cloud page

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